MUndead Monday for you? 1v1 Warcraft UD tryhard


I'm not sure about you, but I know what to do this evening!
Beer & Warcraft III Steams


Since I have to drive to southern France in the very very early morning, I have a maximum of 2 Hours left and I wanne watch some Warcraft III Streams (with 2 cold Beer :P )!

So that leaves me with a problem now! Wich Stream, do I watch?

  • FollowGrubby on MUndead Monday
  • Tod, always Human but super funny and salty dry (love it)
  • Taker (the german) real and only one Tower-Taker Orc God

Well :)) Thaks to STEEM, I watch all on them and just switch the sound to what I think is the most enjoyable for that time period of time.

But Manni you foolish boy... they stream on twitch?
Good Point, now let me drag them to STEEM for you, have fun my friends!

MUndead Monday

Tod (FRA) as Human

Tower Taker (the real)

Isn't that just beautiful and magical?

If you're interested in Updates around the Warcraft III Scene, make sure to follow me! I'll keep you posted every week.

Have a nice Evening :)

p.s. 49% of the revenue on this post, will go to @inertia, in order to prevent brutal downvote abuses by him.

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This is my second Screen, love it.

20190819 22_08_04Manni  manniman _ SteemPeak.png