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RE: Nitrous Update: Vote Estimates, Voting Breakdowns, Tag Limit

in #palnet2 years ago

cool! always good to know how much i'm going to downvote this post lol


Yeah it's probably overvalued. You might want to :D

@eonwarped. so with all these tokens linked, i read a sports token post about downvoting some of the trending page people as some players received more tokens then others etc. so i did - that then also deleted the persons actifit post steem and PAL upvotes which i felt wasn't fair so i reversed it. how is all this going to work? Down vote small with 1 token - kill someone with the other?

You probably want to delegate the staked tokens to different accounts to separate the effects. That's what I was planning to do with PAL but haven't done so yet.

what a pain in the arse. split up into more accounts. i want to combine all mine lol