A close circle with contact.

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"What does CCC means to you 2:23" is a weekly contest hosted by @team-ccc see here

Is CCC my community?
At times I think it is. No, I did not start it, am not one of the founders but a member.

I can say I am an active member.
I join the ccc-contests each week, no matter what the subject is. If there is nothing I can say about it I do it in a creative way. My last entry to the newest contest hosted by @olivia08 is a good example for it [Searching for a peak](...

An creative mind is needed if you want to survive on this platform and join contests.
This contest is a good example.
Always the same question is asked: What does CCC mean to you? It is good to read some more questions are added to it this week.

I love this community because it is small, the most active members communicate and help each other in need.

Is a must within a community. If no one ever reads you, comment what you read, it is great to have an upvote but... you are not really noticed/seen. At first I did not know it was possible to automatically upvote, once you are aware of it, you look with a different eye to your "fans".
No matter what they say no one likes to interact with bots only. It is great to receive a BEER ot tip or upvote, the next update from the steemitboard but it is not as encouraging a personal comment from a steemian.

In the past weeks/months clearity took over from chaos. I found my way and like the fact there is nearly daily a contest to join. It became a certainty in my Steemit circle of life. The contests make us closer and we chat about life as well.
A community only works if the members are active. The community's founders can hardly be found. I find that sad. I do understand they are busy but so am I, so are the other members.
To me it is useless to mention founders if they never show their face, are not active if it comes to "their" community not even take the time to say "Goodbye, I quit, I cannot make it, all good to you." You are not part of a circle if you break the ring.

To me the ccc members I am close(r) with are the best member. They are all hosting a contest and some contests take a lot of time. All the work you have from it does not show if you see the contest post or the announcement. It always takes me 2 or more hours including all the payments.
The first two members I spoke with were @marblely (she was my neighbour at the redfish league) and @gertu. With these two and @olivia08 I have nearly daily contact.vI noticed we all join different contests.

The one commenting most are @gertu and next @olivia08 both are busy and work hard but find time.

To be honest I believe we all need help.
Although our SP differs our earnings are low. To those who host a contest it it hard to earn the prizes. We give what we earn away to other steemians. No, that does not benefit us. Some of us are lucky and receive a delegation. It helps but is not enough.

The member that could need more help is @gertu. She is a loyal Steemian, daily active. Uses own photos and text and never made a quick post just to post. Perhaps her handicap is she writes in Spanish only. I have no idea how large that community is and how come they do not find her.
She translates each article written and always leaves a comment. That deserves an applaud since most here will not take the trouble to translate, comment and connect to Steemians worldwide. It asks too much time and that is not what they like to invest in other people.

I don't know what more I can do as I already do.
I am limited if it comes to my internet connection and power. I join, read, comment and upvote as many ccc entries as I can. I am not earning by curating and write my finger off to earn and invest in those who participate in my contest. They all earn and there is always more as one prize.

If the founders are not willing to invest I think they should let go of the rules set by them.
It is better to stay the close communicative circle we are now. This way we have fun, comment and upvote if we can, help out and can grow as a circle by investing in each other.


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Thank you @wakeupkitty.pal. To be honest I was inspired by someone who helps me grow in this platform before I know you. Sad to say that the concerned someone became slow after the hf21. Thank God that I met you and have a good vibe with me. We have a group chat members but they are not acting like you. I am the most active out of many members. I am the one encouraging them on how to grow. They joined steemit a long time ago but sp is still so low. So I told them some strategies I learned from my mentors. I hope they will do it. I told them to never mind the value and mind a great relationship with the community so we can survive here longer.
Count on me, my dear. I was so sad @partiko had a problem again. It never gives us notification. I love @esteemapp but requiring me to log in and log out all the way. It hinders my quick move since I have an employer watching over me.

Have a nice day ahead
Steem on!

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It is partiko trouble again? I try to answer with steemreply.com. It only shows comments you did not answer yet. Or I use steemit.com. I am behind again but today was a chaotic one.

In a group you frequently see one or two being active while the rest just waits for you to help them out. It does not work this way. You can give some tips but it stops somewhere. Invest in yourself. You managed to grow, if you can others can too. I also had help as I came back here. I lost contact or... Many left after the latest HFs. It is a pity but we cannot change it. You need to be stubborn, keep posting to be noticed. This is the only way.

I am happy you are one of the active members but also that this circle has many active members. It is not the community that hosted but we are. It is what makes us special and creates a bond.

It is good to know we can count on you. May we all grow into big fish with a fat wallet.


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Saludos mi querida @wakeupkitty. Desde el principio, cuando yo comienzo en #CCC, con la persona que más recibo comunicación, eres tu. Al principio, @freedomshift respondía y hacía comentarios. Era muy especial. Pero luego se aburrió de comentar y se alejo. Al punto que leí, de él, que las publicaciones que leía ya no eran de calidad, o algo así entendí. Se fue. Solo quedó su concurso, pero él se fue.
Pero la persona con quien más me comunico y recibo siempre sus consejos, ayuda, estímulo y demás, eres tu.
La calidad de persona que encuentro en ti, no es fácil hallar. Gracias a tus palabras, las que leo en esta publicación. gracias a tu ayuda. gracias a tus comentarios. Muchas veces, la única que encuentro en mis comentarios, eres tu. Gracias por ello.
Espero que este pequeño grupo, se integre cada vez más. Independientemente de nuestras grandes y difíciles ocupaciones individuales.
No es que yo traduzca los textos. Lo hace google traductor, pero internet está en caos, es difícil tener un buen internet hoy. Entonces cuando eso ocurre, no puedo leer las publicaciones y contestar comentarios.
Me uní a esta comunidad que no es latina, porque desde que @celinavisaez me invitó, me siento en familia. No, no busco en otras comunidades latinas. Quizás en algún momento consiga personas con esta misma calidad. Dios dispondrá el momento.
Un abrazo.

Translation of what @gertu wrote:

Greetings my dear [@wakeupkitty] (https://steemit.com/@wakeupkitty). From the beginning, when I start at #CCC, with the person who receives the most communication, it's you. At first, [@freedomshift] (https://steemit.com/@freedomshift) responded and commented. It was very special. But then he got bored of commenting and walked away. To the point that I read, of him, that the publications he read were no longer of quality, or something like that I understood. He went. Only his contest remained, but he left.
But the person with whom I communicate most and always receive their advice, help, encouragement and so on, is you.
The quality of person I find in you is not easy to find. Thanks to your words, the ones I read in this post. Thanks to your help. Thanks to your comments. Many times, the only one I find in my comments is you. Thanks for that.
I hope that this small group is increasingly integrated. Regardless of our large and difficult individual occupations.
It is not that I translate the texts. Google translator does it, but the internet is in chaos, it is difficult to have a good internet today. So when that happens, I can't read the posts and answer comments.
I joined this community that is not Latin, because since [@celinavisaez] (https://steemit.com/@celinavisaez) invited me, I feel like family. No, I don't look in other Latino communities. Maybe at some point get people with the same quality. God will arrange the moment.
A hug.

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Si, esa es la traducción amiga.

Hablo una vez por semana a FreedomShift. Es solo por un corto tiempo pero lo mantengo actualizado. Pidió ayuda. La razón por la que no está aquí es porque necesita trabajo. Si lo entiendo bien, intenta obtener un ingreso con criptomonedas. Supongo que intenta estar en línea tanto como sea posible para comprar y vender en el momento adecuado. La semana pasada publicó dos veces. Estoy de acuerdo, también encuentro sus publicaciones caóticas. Le dije con frecuencia. Me llevó mucho tiempo darme cuenta de que fue el anfitrión de dos concursos. Es tanta información e hipervínculos en una publicación que no puedes averiguar sobre qué escribe. Es una pena que los fundadores nunca respondan. No sé si se fueron o siguen escribiendo? Quizás podamos cambiar un poco para nuestro beneficio ya que creo que somos el nuevo equipo. Deberíamos pensar lo que nos hace más fuertes. Yo también uso el traductor de Google. Feliz día mi amigo. Es hora de dormir para mí. 💕

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Feliz descanso y feliz despertar. Quizás mañana publique. Esta semana ha estado terrible para escribir. Solo comento y me voy.

@gertu Comenta y se visto. Eso también es importante. Buena suerte.

Si,gracias. Ahora comento mucho más. Aunque no contestan algunos, sigo comentando. Es como dar los buenos días, en un lugar cuando llegas. Algunos contestan y otras veces nadie lo hace. Pero no por eso, dejas de dar los buenos días al llegar.
Feliz domingo.

@gertu Solo sigue comentando. Tarde o temprano la gente responde. Esta es también una forma de anunciarse. ¡La gente ve tu nombre en todas partes!

Just keep commenting. Sooner or later people respond. This is also a way to advertise yourself. People see your name everywhere!

Sii, de hecho ya saben que, lucho por que las personas nos hagamos buenos comentarios. Y gracias porque se que tu y yo, nos apoyamos en eso.

@gertu Es lo que hacemos. promocionar y confiar. Funciona para nosotros Veré si puedes crecer más. Esperemos que el círculo se haga más grande.❤️

Thank you for writing this. I thank you, @gertu and @olivia08 for taking the time always to visit and comment members’ posts. It is not easy and I am trying to keep up with my contests’ posts. Translating takes time and energy, which is why I am slow at responding :D But it is nice to be able to help the community grow. Being here needs hard work and patience and those expecting fast money usually cannot sustain and will leave eventually. We help what we can and if there are those who participate just to get quick earnings but are not committed, I think we can wish them good luck and good bye.

I have nothing to add to that. I hope the strong one's, the fighters stay
Even if a day counts 48 hours we will always be short in time.
Translating takes a lot of time but I think what counts is we are willing to do it. It makes this circle special. 👍💕

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Todos de alguna manera estamos aquí por obtener dinero, en primer lugar. Que alguien no encuentre suficiente aliciente para permanecer, me da tristeza. No todos encontramos apoyo, como yo lo encontré en @wakeupkitty. Sin conocimiento, sin ideas de como seguir, es fácil la retirada entonces.
Esta plataforma es difícil, es muy grande y, en algo del camino un poco solitaria. Es de fuertes, es persistencia, es paciencia.
Gracias a ustedes los que hacen estos concursos y apoyan.

We are all somehow here to get money in the first place. That someone does not find enough incentive to stay, I feel sad. Not everyone found support, as I found it in @wakeupkitty. Without knowledge, without ideas on how to proceed, withdrawal is easy then.
This platform is difficult, it is very large and, on some of the road a bit lonely. It is strong, it is persistence, it is patience.
Thanks to you who make these contests and support.

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