Ja Morant NBA Sports Cards: Should I Invest More in Morant NBA Cards and Fast?

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Ja Morant Net Marvel sports card values have exploded 400%+ in two weeks and Morant base Panini Prizms 130%+ since February. 

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Check out the video below on why I think he's worth investing in and a generational talent to consider worth banking on.

I already crowned him Rookie of the Year back in April but with good reason.

Ja ranks 11th in clutch shooting (field goal % in the final five minutes of games) by scoring 28-for-52 at almost 54%.

He's been instrumental for the Grizzlies setting themselves up for what was to be a playoff spot. 

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I've said it a few times why I think he's on the way to locking himself in as a generation talent.

It's always an honor to make the cover of SLAM magazine, and he's done it twice in his rookie year!

Of all of America’s Major Pro Sports markets, Memphis is the smallest TV market outside of Buffalo and Green Bay-Appleton.

People actually care about the Grizzlies now and they're worth tuning in to watch.

It's a new era of basketball for the least most valuable franchise in the NBA. It's definitely not easy to get a throwback Grizzlies Morant jersey but they're suddenly desirable for people to buy.

I'm all in on Morant, but be sure to check out the video on the Wolfgang Sport vlog and decide for yourself.

Peace out. 

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