Black Bear at the pond in daytime

in #photography2 months ago

Finally got some decent video of the Bear coming to the pond in the daytime. Bigger than I originally thought, from the night pics, cool to catch him in the daylight. If you look close, you will see the sidewalk still wet from where my wife was watering her flowers not even 10 minutes before his stroll. She wasn't happy lol. She was already afraid to go out at night, now she doesn't want to go outside at all!


So cool, must thrill your wife... Nice how he just stops for a short drink and then moves on...😺

Was also cool to see the other one swimming in the pond to cool off and just enjoying himself. Didn't have camera handy for that one, but hoping to catch them again. That's what motivated me to put up the cameras. Had no idea they were coming around so frequently.

Yes, there is nothing better than a wonderful wife ❤️

Thanks for the upvote on my post! It looks like we have some similar interests. I'm researching drones and want to start doing nature photography. Which model would you suggest for a beginner?

Drone choice really depends on individual preferences and primary intended usage(s). If a photographer looking at drones for photography, it would be hard to not start with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom models at least as a comparison point. These are some of the highest quality consumer / low end professional drones. It has one of the best quality cameras with aperture adjustment capabilities, and some very stable flying modes, in addition to some nice custom flight modes for video if you're into video as well. For stills, I also love using FPV glasses/goggles. It really helps get a better view from the Drone's eye for framing vs. just looking at a cell phone screen.
Look forward to seeing your pics!

What you said about the DJI Mavic 2 Pro matches what I've been reading online. I think I'm set on that. But since I'm a newbie starting from scratch I may buy something really low end first < $50.00 just to practice flying. Thanks for the advice, it really helps!

The Mavic's are actually much easier to learn on than some of the cheap ones because of the better computer logic. With the Mavic's if you let go of the sticks, they just hover in place, self braking, and even self-correcting for wind, etc. Many of those discount drones are not going to have any flying logic, they are actually harder to fly! But they will still be good training, if you can fly those, it will be even easier when you upgrade. Enjoy!

Ok, that's good to know! I've always followed my dad's logic which is if you learn to drive a stick shift you can drive anything, lol. But the more I learn about the Mavic's the more I want one.