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Greetings all! I trust everyone is enjoying the weekend.

In my last post I spoke of https://www.neoxian.city. You can use the neoxian tag the same as using the palnet tag. As you can see, I am using both of those tags in this post, which means I can earn on both of those platforms, besides here on steemit. You can also earn on both platforms when I upvote your comment.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding this new platform. To start with https://www.neoxian.city you go to that site and log in using your steemit credentials. The nice thing is you will earn NEOXAG as I upvote your comments here. So log in and see how much NEOXAG Tokens you have earned. Current price of NEOXAG is $0.02189, but the amount earned in my reply to your comment (and upvoting your comment) in terms of USD is higher than earnings on steemit.

Yesterday, they developed (and it went live) a bid-bot service. You can use use for your posts. You will never earn a negative return with this bot. You can use the bot itself and/or delegate to the bot, being paid daily in NEOXAG. I will share @zaku's post next but I did find and borrowed the following from the post he did:

"There has been many features added on neoxian.city tribe like : Token Delegation, Steempeak tribe active etc and all this happens in just 5 days, YEAH you heard it right just in 5 days . The NEOXAG Bid Bot Sink has been in the works for last 2 days & it's completed so fast . So, here we are releasing our NEOXAG Bid Bot Sink @neoxiancityvb (Neoxian city voting bot)."

His post can be found here: https://www.neoxian.city/neoxian/@zaku/introducing-neoxag-bid-bot-sink-delegate-steem-power-and-earn-neoxag-each-and-every-day-passive-profit-for-upvote-buyers

In the event you have any questions you can ask in your comment or DM (Direct Message) me on Discord (r2cornell#5314)

Don't you love how I use a beautiful rose bud photo to draw you in to read all this wonderful information. I do have a nice selection of photographs again for your viewing delight. The rose bud is another photograph of the red miniture rose I bought for my wife this past Valentines Day.

Speaking of roses...on Tuesday my daughter and myself will be going to Manito Park in Spokane, Wshington like last year. They have a huge rose garden so I am looking forward to many new rose photos. They have many other flowers as well. We went earlier last year, but I delayed going until now so more flowers would be in bloom. I need to build my portfolio to get through the Winter months, otherwise all you will see is snow!

Now let us move on to more photographs. Next ups is one of my pink Petunias. I may have a similar photograph to this one that was used in previous posts.


This next photo is of a blossom from a plant that is called Hens and Chicks. Last year was the first time I had them bloom, and they are at it again. I took a macro-shot to bring out the uniqueness of the bud.


You can learn more about this plant here:

"Hens and chicks are members of the Sempervivum group of succulent plants. They are commonly called houseleeks and grow well indoors and out, in cool or hot temperatures. Hens and chicks plants are so called because of the rosette shape and habit of the plant to produce numerous babies.Mar 14, 2019

Hens And Chicks Plants: How To Grow Hens And Chicks"

I am getting a lot of photos from my game camera, but not all are usable. Here is a yearling, born last Spring, and is looking healthy for being on her own. Hopefully she will group up with some other yearling does for the Summer.


We lost several rose bushes over Winter, but two started growing from the root-stock. They turned out to be some very pretty roses, although maybe not as perfect as the grafted part that died. Here is an interesting macro-shot of one:


My final photograph is a different approach to a recent Sunflower I shared. This one was grown by my daughter. These yellow ones are so bright and cheerful, and I think, a wonderful way to end the photo section of this post:


This brings us to the end of the photographs for my weekend post. I hope you find at least one item here that you enjoy.

I am using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 for all of these photographs, except where noted.

end of post graphic.png


Here is a link for @aid.venezuela's recent post on their Nutritional Screening program: https://steemit.com/dtube/@aid.venezuela/q3sucuzapko

I am going to use the same words that I used to discuss @socialbot as I used in my previous post:

I would also like to let you know about @socialbot where there is a ROI for those who delegate, but then earnings by @socialbot earns from curating are contributed to social oriented programs. There main site states 120% reward for delegators. I will use parts of a comment I left on one of their posts to clarify this:

  • My understanding is that those that delegate will receive a portion of the earnings of the post. So that the 100% earnings is divided among those that delegate. I personally delegated 1000 SP (it might be a little higher now) and I receive on average 13 - 15% annual rate of return. I say pretty close because sometimes it is more. The rate of return on what I delegated is very competitive. Now for the 20% which brings up the 120% issue. The 20% is what is earned through curation. ( "20% share of Delegators will be donated to charities on behalf of delegators from each powerdown by @SocialBot"). That curated earnings is donated to the charities. Those of us who delegated are helping to build donations to the charities that are mentioned in their post. @schoolforsdg4 is the primary recipient, but in time part of that 20% will be split between @schoolforSDG4 and other charitable/social projects.

In addition to that if you "send minimum 0.1 to maximum 0.55 steem with Memo of your post link" you will receive an upvote. I have used this service and my earnings from their upvote has always been more value than what I sent. If their voting power is too low you go into a queue and receive your upvote when their Voting Power increases.

Their link is https://steemit.com/@socialbot

As usual I would like to list a few charitable users that I try and support. I include them as partial beneficiaries of my posts. It is a small amount that they will receive, yet each is doing a lot to help people. Please check out their blogs and support them in anyway you can.

Some I have supported for quite awhile, while some are newer.


Each of these users have a unique service they provide and I applaud their good work. Thank you for considering them.

After initial publication I found that @Zaxan founder of aid.venezuela has a fundition project going on to raise enough money to purchase a computer so he can both do a better job with @aid.venezuela, but also to earn an income with his graphics design skills. Read a more thorough explaination in his Fundition project: https://fundition.io/#!/@zaxan/9ip1vvj57/backers


Great information grandpa. Thank you for the information on Neoxian City.

Thank you very much hon. See you in Neoxian City.

The flower before the sunflower look like there's a pink light in its middle.
The rose actually drew my attention quickly although I always look out for your posts sir.
Thanks for sharing all the info sir

Thank you very much. I will have more rose photos in future posts.

Such a wonderful flowers, have a great weekend

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Thank you very much.

Hello sir r2cornell, when I see the flower photo you are showing, I can only smile. because the flower photo you are displaying is very beautiful. it is an amazing result. what I like best is the flower your daughter planted. Sunflower looks very beautiful. yellow is bright color, and bright colors are my favorite.

I hope that your days will always be beautiful, just like the flowers you display.

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Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Hello @r2cornell First photograph of red rose is really beautiful. it the symbol of love and kindness. you are spreading it. i have started to use the neoxian tag with my post and i am really happy this token is rising. thanks for sharing the information about the NEOXAG Bid Bot. beautiful photographs sir. nice post. have a nice day.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it! Good to see you in Neoxian City

Greetings sir @r2cornell. I have joined on Neoxian City and It's also amazing like Palnet. I also enjoy your amazing flowers photography. Have a nice day sir, God bless you.

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Great to see you on Neoxian City.

Thank you with regards to my flower photography.

Very nice and amazing photography my great friend
Great plateforme

Thank you very much.

Wonderful capture. Red flowers are my favourite. Your whole photography is valuable. Have great weekend sir. @r2cornell.

Thank you very much.

great info and flower pics @r2corell support for members!!

Thank you bearbear613.

That's a gorgeous adorable rose bud.. Perfect for photography.. I also start using Neoxian tag.. Pretty cool stuffs... Petunias are really cool , cute flowers, but i love sunflower most because of their bright colors...Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures with us...

Thank you very much. Glad to hear you are using the neoxian tag. Nice way to earn more income.

Great grandpaa @r2cornell. Just now I cam to know about neoxian.city and I will definitely try this tag also and let's see how it goes. A lot of happenings and a lot of tokens in steem ecosystem. Good to see all these. As always flower is really beautiful. Thank you.

Thank you very much.

I was invited to neoxian discord server by a long time follower. It happened just days before the city opened. I already had bought some NEOX (Neoxian Gold), because of name recognition and know of @neoxian's reputation. They gave me dragon status which I am grateful for. I encourage you to check it out. you will earn from my upvote on that platform as well.

Thank you grandpaa
Yes I also know @neoxian for quite some time as I take STEEM loan from neoxian sir. But I can see that neoxian bank has evolved into something big which I was not aware of and suddenly I can see a scot tribe NEOXAG. Good to see that. Looking forward to it and Its price is more or less closer to LEO.

Thank you again.

Hi friend. I started using nexian tag today. It seems to be interesting, I will continue doing it. Thanks for that fact.
Your photos are very beautiful, as always ;-)

happy to her you are using the neoxian tag.

Thank you with regards to flowers

Perfect shots sir and the Dark Red Flowers is very beautiful... Yes, Neoxian city is a great tribe i will suggest to all to join Neoxian city and their discord server and use neoxian tag in your post because they are very supportive <3. Stay blessed

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

I agree with your statement on Neoxian city. I have noticed when converting to USD that my upvotes are worth more on Neoxian City. So do not miss out.

Exactly, sir, it's worth more up to 50 NEOXAG tokens, Approximately equal to 2 or 3 steem

i have started to use this tribe neoxian city and it feels good to be a part of it this is a great thing and a big community helping out each other :) thanks for sharing about it and also thanks for sharing the post this weekend this makes me extra happy as always :D

You should get on Tribe City of neoxian. There are a lot of good people there. Not sure if you still need an invite. If it is needed DM me.

Thank you in regards to the post

lots of beautiful flowers. I like all the flowers you display

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Thank you very much.

Wao what a great and amazing photography. All flowers looks so gorgious. 3rd flower of your picture of your photography is my favourite. I m always enjoying your photography. Thanks for sharing.@r2cornell.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

@r2cornell very nice click I like the yellow flower very much , keep up the good work dear.

Thank you very much.

I've already made 2 publications in neoxian, I like it, you actually get more than in steemit. I've compared it in the comments.
I love the button of the rose, it is very elegant ... and the sunflower that your daughter cultivated is spectacular! It looks like it's big.
I thought that the flower chickens and chicks, it was called that because it has little hairs like chicks.

I will check out posts in morning when I am fresh of mind.

Thank you in regards to flowers. The sunflower looks bigger because of the macro lens. Really brings it into focus.

Sun flower is looking very attractive . Nice photography . Namaste

Thank you very much.

Great photo shoot sir

Thank you

Hi @r2cornell
Going through this post and the natural beauty that you shared is indeed delight.
Apart from this neoxian is another news in steem platform. Earlier i used pal and leo.
I will read more about and I think its great opportunity for us to earn rewards from multiple places. Thanks for sharing

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Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

Yeah i have heard of it and i will also start using these tags. In fact i have started using them.

Great to hear abdulmanan!

Perfect sir. excellent camera shots. its nature flowers

Thank you very much.

Excellent photos of flowers @r2cornell and especially when they are shot so close, the picture is generally amazing. It will be very interesting for me to see your new photos of roses from a trip, I'm sure it will be beautiful!

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Hola Señor @r2cornell, Me gusta mucho el girasol que cultivó su hija, es muy hermoso. A mi me encantan los girasoles.

Thank you. There will be more sunflowers of all different shades or orange, yellow and some bronze coming later in the Summer. My granddaughter loves sunflowers too and keeps telling me she wants me to grow her some for her wedding.

I am happy you enjoyed my daughter's.

end of post graphic.png

Gracias. Habrá más girasoles de todas las tonalidades o anaranjados, amarillos y algo de bronce más tarde en el verano. A mi nieta también le encantan los girasoles y sigue diciéndome que quiere que le cultive algunos para su boda.

Me alegra que hayas disfrutado de la de mi hija.

Como ha estado amigo @r2cornell que tenga un excelente fin de semana, esperamos ver esas nuevas fotografias de ese jardín de rosas donde va a ir con su hija. Aunque estas estan muy hermosas tambien y veo que utiliza otra etiqueta más a parte de Neoxian una pregunta esa es otra red social la cúal es compatible con Steemit.

Gracias y sí, más flores vendrán de nuestro viaje fotográfico.

Palnet es otra etiqueta que puedes usar en tu correo y ganar a través de ellos también. https://www.palnet.io/@franciscana23/ es tu cuenta.

@r2cornell, As you said, these community rising aspect is very interesting and opportunity boosting. Thank you so much for letting everyone know about some important updates too. Keep up and stay blessed brother.

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Thank you. They have potential unless someone changes the rules on us. I hope they do not. If they stay the course it is a nice opportunity for users to earn a little more.

Absolutely true. Let's see if this journey will continue as usual or there is an twist too.

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Beautiful colours of flowers. 1st one is gorgeous. I love Red rose. Outstanding photography bro

Thank you very much. I appreciate it

Wow Very beautiful photography . love it rose and great work
Thank for sharing.
Have a nice day

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

After palnet and leo this neoxian is another excitement. So much action in steem platform. I will try it sir @r2cornell
As always so beautiful photos to start the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you. DM me with any questions on neoxian city. I love it that my post shows up on all three platforms. It would be 4 but LEO only allows financial relation posts. Once I upvote here you should also see it on PALNET and NEOXIAN.

Have to remember if you are on neoxian city and vote there it impacts your Voting Power here.

if you are on neoxian city and vote there it impacts your Voting Power here.

Bro. brief more please how it will impact? neoxian city mean their Discord Server?

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Because when you vote on any of the platform it impacts your voting power on that platform, plus the other 2 if they are tagged (except steemit...you do not need to use that as a tag). Hits me the hardest on steemit.

When I upvote comments on my steemit posts I try and do it on steemit. I have more control over my voting power. I usually try and use 20%...then on PALNET and NEOXIAN.CITY it will also be a 20% upvote.

When I first started with NEOXIAN.CITY I used a higher percentage to vote. It was then that I realized my steem voting power reduced at a higher rate than I planned.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the detailed reply 👍

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beautiful nature pictures

Thank you

You showing us perfect way to earn more rewards from both palnet and neoxian platforms. Today uploaded another beautiful flowers captures. Completely impressive.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Sunflower more brightness. Red rose nice scenery to mine. Another extra information very helpful to make more earnings. Thanks for all.

Thank you very much.

The petals are very clear, @r2cornell and in your post there is a lot of information that can create developments for a better future.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it!

Thank you @r2cornell

What a spectacle of flowers! I love roses, they are my favorite flowers, I'm anxious to see those photos.

Thank you very much...

Great photography sir

Thank you

Wow these flower pictures are amazing. You have done such an amazing job you are really a good photographer. Thanks for giving information about New platform I will test it soon
Thanks again

Thank you very much. Hope you try neoxian city and for that matter PALNET. Just sign in and then when you post on steemit, or receive upvotes from someone who has either or both you will earn on all three platforms. Does not cost anything if you just want to try. Then when you receive either token be sure and stake it so you start building voting power on those platforms.

Let me know when you post something with those tags. DM me with the link and I will check out your post.

Thanks for your kind feedback and suggestions I will start work on it from today

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Its really beautiful. I prefer yellow one.

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Thank you very much.

Beautiful Sunflowers

Thank you very much. They are so cheerful

First one and last photo shots very calm. Sunflower always brightness. Flowers everywhere of your living area. Well introduction.

Thank you very much.

Wow photography beautiful flower🌿🌹🌷

Thank you very much.

A perfect rose bud and how beautifully taken. It's just awesome sir. Love to see it.

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Thank you very much.

I love those flowers 💐. Pretty Rose.. 🌹

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Thank you very much. Welcome to my blog!

First of all thank you very much because I have not heard of this platform before, I have heard from you the first about this platform. I must use this platform. From the platform you shared before , I received a lot of pal tokens and through post, comments I still get a pal token. After using this new platform I will start to get token from two platforms. However, you have shared the pictures of flowers that are wonderful and it is very nice to me. I follow you on this platform from the beginning and I've started using actifit . If you wish, you can see my daily actifit posts


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You can use both the neoxian tag and the palnet tag, thus earning on those two platforms and steemit. My upvote here will give you earnings on both of the new platforms.

I will check out your posts. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

I will use neoxian tag my every post

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Beautiful pics . Rose and sun flower are looking awesome . Namaste

Thank you very much.

nice shots grandpa

Thank you

All of your flowers are very beautiful, Sir. I think u treat it nice. Have a nice day, Sir.

Thank you very much.