Mike Vs. Mikey Royal Rumble.

in #poker11 months ago

Today was the inevitable showdown between the Mikes!
Mike vs. Mikey Royal rumble! The Daily Deuces today was really fun because there were like 11 players! Free to plays in BROsino that are really full are fun because the chip amount of each player can get so high. If someone does an all in, at 860 and you have 12k chips... Well then you almost have to all in dont you!

Mikey and I were pretty evenly matched for the "final battle."
Here is a nice action shot of a bet in progress!

I had a lot of chips at this point so i did an all in with a jack and an ace. I lost even with a jack on the table! Some losses hurt more than others.

Luckily I was doing well so it only knocked me back one slot. Bets this big are so much fun! I love double all ins: Where someone does a small all in and then someone else does another all in on top of that.
Here i am before the all-in. Remember: Aces does NOT mean you will win the hand! LOL XD Thanks to everyone who played today I had a lot of fun.

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