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Several players left some feedback regarding the Level times we use on, although I personally disagree with how things will turn out, we have increased the level times on most all games over 1 STEEM.


Some players felt that the 5-7 minute levels caused players to play "Bingo" poker (very loose play). I countered with the sentiment that you can increase the levels to 1 hour and you will not remove the "Bingo" from those players.

I believe it will likely increase the amount of players who will get bored due to the extended time to finish a tourney and thereby increase the number of players just shoving all in pre-flop with any two cards or playing far more hands than they should be playing to either double up or get on with their life doing other things.


So we will see how this goes and adjust later if necessary. Overall I really don't think it will have any effect on the play by most players some complain about, but it will give loose players an opportunity to play even more hands at lower blinds (and sucking out with their rags on the river). 😏

Most 5 minute levels have been increased to 7 minutes and the 50+ STEEM games are now 10 minute levels. So be prepared for longer games, especially at the final table. I doubt it will change early play one bit and will likely increase the "bingo" factor 10x. We shall see!

Who Benefits?

Well, this is just my opinion but ... this will likely benefit those who have the most time and patience to sit (and sit out). With the attendance down right now due to the STEEM price remaining so low, I predict there will be even more players using the tried and true Mikey strategy (not knocking what works, just #facts) of signing up, sitting out and waiting for the majority of players to donk off their stacks, then making the money after playing a few hands at the final table ... myself included. 😏


If you're playing for the money, especially these days, you're missing the fun. I enjoy the competition.

I almost guarantee you will do better with longer blinds with your style of play.

Patience is a virtue.

I get to adjust my play again. Should be interesting. I predict a lot more tournaments with chops and mikey finishing near the top, and sultnpapper too, assuming he's playing. They do better with the longer blind structure.

This is just too funny. Respect your decision, but don't agree with doing it. People could create their own tournaments and run them how they want instead of bitching about others' that have them on there. #justsayin

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We'll see how it goes. For the record, your tourney was left as is at 4 minutes.

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