Congrats @EricWilson : Winner of Free Poker Audiobook Freeroll

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Poker Book Giveaway

In tonights "Four Banger" Freeroll we gave a little something extra away to the winner. A free copy of the audiobook version of, "The Mental Game of Poker" was awarded to tournament winner @ericwilson, congratulations!

This giveaway was done to kick off our new BRO Shop merchandise which includes many Poker Audiobooks and Apparel, with more on the way!

Every purchase helps support the BRO Sports & Gaming Network suite of websites and games...

  • - Free STEEM Faucet Casino
  • BROsino Poker - Poker Freerolls, Ring Games & SNG's
  • BRO Poker - Host your own League, Ring Game or SNG (Coming Soon!)

400 STEEM Freeroll

Reminder : Saturday, December 7th @ 3PM ET is our 400 STEEM No-Limit Holdem Freeroll. This month's winner was @philippekiene and I'm sure he'll be looking to repeat, especially considering that this one is for 400 STEEM instead of 100 SBD.

See you at the tables!

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