UFC Themed Poker Table

in #pokerlast year

I made these tables for the upcoming Sports Talk Social NLH Poker Tournament on BROsino Poker, with prizes totaling 500,000 SPORTS!

Hope you dig em, so check em out. :D

The tournament is on 11-16 and you can find out more by clicking this link.

And be sure to get signed up at BROsino Poker so you can



Looks great! @tipu curate

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Thanks! :D

Nice. What you using for the modelling and render? Mmm, looking at the light either that is added post or you did it in photoshop because the light is flat yet the rest is in perspective. Just curious ;)

his discord status said "Photoshoppin" for 5 hours, so that's my guess. ;)

haha touché, I will remember to stalk before talk.

LOLZ :D Yes, all photoshop. As for the lighting, I found that adding more shadow and simulating 3d light works best for these old eyes.