Steem to the peak; Unleashing the 'creative minds contest', Promote steem and receive some marlians and sports stake.

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Hi guys, I'm @adesojisouljay. I'm a steemit enthusiasts an intentional die hard steem fan. I joined steem since December 2017 and I have been pushing 'deliberately-passionate' about steem over the years. I represent a true steem fan both offline and online. I made my self an offline and online steem ambassador but just little or no recognition has been given to me over the years. I work so hard both online '(creating quality contents)' and offline to convince people about steem so as for us to have more relevant people on the steem block chain. But all this efforts of mine seems not to be seen. Yet, I have taken a strong foothold and chosen not to give up.

See pictures of my past projects on steam;


Each time people try to get me discouraged or talk me out of steem, I gave them more reasons why they should join me in doing what I do. All I want is a balanced world where everyone have rights to a decentralized system of Commonwealth and no one depends on another for financial support or stability. I got a lot of people into steem but yet I couldn't retain them because I had no voting power to support and curate their quality contents. Most of them got discouraged because they don't get up votes!

So I chatted with some reputable steemian years back to help support those that I brought in to encourage them but instead, they threatened to falg me, accused me to be begging for up votes. Yet I never begged anyone for up vote. All I wanted was to keep those that came in newly for them to get a little bit of encouragement. I am not concerned about myself, I love what I do upvotes or no upvotes! Steem or SBD! Curation or steem power! I'm @adesojisouljay. I'm only concerned about people who may not have the same spirit and zeal like I have.

Now I have began my promo-steem work again with full steem-spirit and I have planned to help newbies grow even as I grow. As it is I am not financially buoyant in the aspect of steem or steempower but I have gotten some sports and Marlians power to help with. I have been reaching out to some of my old steem friends who had given up but I have brought them back to support them with all I have as of now.

All I have is Marlians and sports stake!

For the sake of these ones I have also decided to begin a contest which rewards with some token of Marlians and sports stake for the growth of the community. I could have thought of sending the token to their wallet directly but to avoid selling, I intentionally want to help them grow their stake so that they can help us curate others too both on and and gradually we will have a balanced world. A world where everyone can curate good contents!


It is creative minds contest. You'll have to exert your mind in creating an idea of how steem can be promoted through sports.

I'll be doing the contest post every Sunday and participants can put in there entries before the payout of the post.

If you need any help as to how you can grow, reach out to me on discord '@adesojisouljay#8666'

Never say never! Never give up! Quitting is not an option for a winner!

Join me and let us grow together. Let's all evolve to full blown humans.

Thank you, @adesojisouljay loves you and regards your attention given by reading this post.

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Nice post about tribes and Id recomend posting videos to bittube

I still upvcoted you 32 sand but if you want SAND token upvotes next time ill require mention of #sandiego teh city and how yoru city differs, and if oiu have heard oif it where you live

i just have to keep my upvotes for san diego, ca related posts which anyone can write but I will be stingy with SAND upvotes in future , Thanks! :)

Thanks, i'm actually about helping tribes grow (promo-tribes) and promo-steem, but always like to first see how tribes work before getting to talk much about them. I can help with the growth of sandiego tribe if i can understand its project. You can share your discord link with me. And we'll see how we can grow together.. Thanks. So far looks so simple to understand and, but of i could get info about sandiego, i:ll promote your tribes. That's one of my job on steem. Let's discus on discord.

Thank you very much for the kind gesture... I'll be with you on the discord.

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