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RE: Steem to the peak; Unleashing the 'creative minds contest', Promote steem and receive some marlians and sports stake.

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Nice post about tribes and Id recomend posting videos to bittube

I still upvcoted you 32 sand but if you want SAND token upvotes next time ill require mention of #sandiego teh city and how yoru city differs, and if oiu have heard oif it where you live

i just have to keep my upvotes for san diego, ca related posts which anyone can write but I will be stingy with SAND upvotes in future , Thanks! :)


Thanks, i'm actually about helping tribes grow (promo-tribes) and promo-steem, but always like to first see how tribes work before getting to talk much about them. I can help with the growth of sandiego tribe if i can understand its project. You can share your discord link with me. And we'll see how we can grow together.. Thanks. So far looks so simple to understand and, but of i could get info about sandiego, i:ll promote your tribes. That's one of my job on steem. Let's discus on discord.

Thank you very much for the kind gesture... I'll be with you on the discord.