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RE: Steem Fantasy Premier League - Gameweek 4 Preview

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So you downvote my positive comment? Why don’t you downvote the psycho people instead


I am

Thanks for contributing to the continued downfall of steem

Really? So why don’t you go after haejin or Bernie then? I literally poured a bunch of hard worked paychecks into this project. I fucking put 1.6 bitcoins into this back in July 2016 at like 0.06 satoshis and look wtf happened to my investments... so fucking excuse me if I wanted to attempt to TRY to make something back from everything I lost for the past little while of my over 3 years here......

You think you're the only one? Make it back by curating, not selfvoting 10 low effort comments daily and taking up everyone's top comment under their post. If you don't wanna curate then put it to good use elsewhere and enjoy passive returns which will surely be better than whatever you're doing right now.

Actually that’s exactly what I have started to do since the rewards have changed... again, I’m not your enemy. This all started because you downvoted my comment on Justine cause you assumed it’s a copy and paste “we appreciate you” comment.

It really wasn’t, do you have any idea how much time she spends on telegram answering people and helping people out? I see how much work she does and time she puts in so I say I appreciate it... I don’t understand how THAT warrants a downvote, I didn’t even upvote it