Away from Yesterday’s Joke of Procrastination

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Perhaps today we can talk as friends about the two things that drain human efforts in this life


Procrastination and frustration ... with emphasis - that science does not require work - that we can understand how these things work and we continue to work. However, let's take the first step at least, and try to understand things

The way I see things is that if you ask everyone about their goal in life you will get an infinite number of answers. There are those who want to become a military commander, perhaps a great inventor, a famous player, a model, a doctor and a variety of goals. But in fact, if we look at it, we discover that all these are just means for a real and common goal of all: is achieving success that gives us physical comfort and psychological pleasure. And finally, we resting on an island, and drink a pineapple juice as celebrities do on their holidays in islands Maldives, are not indifferent to any of the things of the world

What is remarkable here is that this body, which you want to rest, and the self that you want its pleasure,to the extent that they are your goals are also yours tool. That is, without a strong and healthy body you can not work to reach physical comfort, and with the same depressed and helpless motivation you can not work to get psychological comfort. Our goals, then, are the same. Procrastination and frustration work here with the same mechanism, rushing to reach the goal by relaxing the tools, that is, the tools themselves are those who delay you

For example, you are in university studying to graduate and work and become for you a respectable paycheck to achieve your hidden goal of rest, yourself tells you that as long as comfort is the ultimate goal, why not rest now? Why should I get up from my clinical warmth and begin to study hard and boring materials. To postpone it a bit and play PlayStation with my friends, this is more fun and less tired. This is true in the short term, but once you have completed your momentary pleasure and are taken to the exam the next day, you realize that your self has been deceived, you are plagued with guilt, and you are too much to blame yourself. You may want to go to university in the middle of the night !! This is procrastination

Another example. You work in a company, and in order to be upgraded you have to do a little complicated, unusual, enjoyable and burdensome task for body and soul. But your girlfriend left you, and this caused you great frustration and a sense of loss of motivation and feasibility. What do you do? Of course, you will choose to enjoy your pain a little, because to enjoy sadness is a delicious and addictive thing by the way, and a reasonful justification offered by man to himself, I am sad and I can not work, and therefore you will postpone your tasks, and even leave them and neglect. The result is that things get worse over bad. This is frustration

Therefore, do not postpone work, but postpone the pleasure, not for the end of life but for the end of the day only. Do not stop when you feel tired, not psychological or physical. Carry your pain and stop only when you finish the required, certainly will not reach the robot human stage. You will be a little bit entertained, a little relaxed, and a little frustrated. But if you do most of your work reluctantly, the guilt and loss of your comfort and pleasure will be replaced by pride, enough to compensate for the loss of pleasure and comfort.

In short, he can not survive this procrastination unless he has the ability to postpone his illness. To say to himself firmly "not now" I have no time, no pleasure or pain, I must continue whether I like what I do or did not like it important I will continue and I will do what I have to do .. not what I love to do, I do not have this luxury now, Later in the Maldives or elsewhere, but not now because I have to work.


Best regards, ✍
M'ssieu Abdo


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