#3 The pathway of good and bad

in #proofobrainlast month (edited)

This picture being take while i was photo street hunt in Thailand .


The path of life is on your hand ,
You only have to brave enough to make the first step,
And another step .

Because every step you take ,
Is a learning opportunity,
That what we call lesson of life.

Bad step is as good as good step ,
As long you take those bad step ,
As a teacher to find your good step.

Success is only the matter of time ,
As long as you didnt stop moving forward,
And growing wisely .

Good friend grow and success together ,
Bad friend will get entertaint if you fall and give up,
choose your friend wisely.

Culture and religion is your sideway ,
Its always there will you moving forward,
But it is ok if you change the view of your sideway ,
As long its brighten you way of life.