Ford vs Ferrari A Real Let Down

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If you watched Ford vs Ferrari then you need to watch this documentary on Netflix. I honestly preferred this as this was way better than the film. You will see how much the film missed out which were very important facts.

I finally got round to watching the Ford vs Ferrari film and was left a little disappointed. I wrote a post on Carol Shelby about a month ago after watching some documentaries on his life and to be brutally honest those were better than the film.

The truth is the film jumped in too soon fast forwarding his life missing out on so much important stuff that made the person who he was, They tried to incorporate things in ,but it was lost in the way the story was told.

I understand that the main topic was Ford's rivalry with Ferrari and this wasn't a film just about Shelby even though Matt Damon played Shelby as the lead character. Huge important chunks of information had been discarded which were relevant to this film.

Shelby was an entrepreneur and gambler throughout his career taking a chance on anything he could lay his hands on. Ford never contacted him, but he contacted them and sweet talked them into giving him an engine and received 6 of them to start his racing builds with.


One very important fact that gave me the hump was how the Le Mans win was shown. The Ford executives had agreed about having the cars come across the line together in a draw sealing a 1-2-3 finish for advertising and commercial purposes. Ken Myles the driver who was leading by two laps had been screwed over by Ford with this decision.

Ken got them back though as even though it was a 1-2-3 finish they weren't all together as Ken Miles made sure he wasn't crossing the line first. He slowed right down just before the finish allowing the others through. He knew he was being screwed so he screwed Ford back.

That finish though wouldn't have made a Hollywood ending I suppose as it was just easier to make a film lacking substance without much factual elements. Carol Shelby was an adviser for the film so he must have had to bite his tongue on what was being portrayed plus he was being well payed.


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Very interesting. I might have to check this out. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I am probably more likely to watch this before I ever get around to watching the movie.

Howdy sir cryptoandcoffee! I wondered about that Ford Vs. Ferrari film so I really appreciate this post, well done!

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Perhaps i will get
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