First ramble on newsteem

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It felt like an eternity till I canceled my delegations and was waiting for my SP coming out of limbo and back into my wallet.

Finally I am able to really capitalize on my free downvotes, curate random shitposts and of course circle jerk and upvote myself.

But seriously I am looking forward to the changes as I believe they are good for the overall ecosystem and also make it a bit less pressing to come up with a post per day as curating gets more lucrative.

If the fear of flagwars and random downvotes become a reality is still up in the air but to battle a bit of the bot abuse is a win in my book.

Maybe humanity is not good enough for a system like Steem?

I am still activly curating in the SPORTS tribe despite but it is getting harder to find good content with a lot of in my eyes shitposts but that is not a new problem. There are some people who put in a good amount of work in their posts and I am happy to be able to support them in a meaningful way.

The @sportscurator has been a great help finding posts I would usually miss.

For the future I am not sure yet how I will go on. If I will be writting my daily shitposts again or if I will be more of a curator or even delegate my SP to some project again as having a break and not worry about voting power and so on is quite nice as well.


Truly. I'm a bit hesitant with the new Hardfork but later on I realized this must be done for the better. I'd like to address some of my thoughts on the issues,

  • The issue regarding lesser values on posts less than 20 Steem because of the new curation curve will help better content standout. This means for me that great/valuable content receives the significant rewards thus writing with effort & quality is now more encouraged. Though whales circle jerking benefits this, I believe the 50/50 split and free downvotes will help with that aspect.

  • The free downvotes will be messy at first but as time pass by, I think this will be very helpful in fighting abuse and spams in the blockchain.

For me, this HF is better thinking long-term. I am starting to realize that this thing "might" work for a better Steem blockchain.

well said!!

Exciting times (and worrysome) ahead in #newsteem!

time will tell if we will see the light

I wanted to power up a bit but binance wallet suspended T T

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still? saw it a couple of days ago

yea can’t withdraw or deposit. I wonder how long it will take

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Oh damn, I also wanted to buy some more Steem hmmm then I have to look for other ways
I don't know if it works in your country but bitva worked well last time. I bought Steem directly with €. Took a bit more time for the first transactions but worked. (yep it's a little ref link xD)

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has been like this for some days then

So far so good in my book but who knows, a huge flag war might be upon us haha

so far they have been entertaining though


SP back in the bank means downvote potential. The bot posts have been trashed and I’m wondering what the next wave will entail.

we shall wait and see.

the delegation is still a mess and they are not doing something about it

I think it works now

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why? where and who?

Yeah I’m so out of the loop. What’s behind FlagWar2019?!? Lol

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Bad Steemian