Tribes, SMTs and Communities

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I am not sure if anyone really knows how communities will look like.

Will they be like tribes? If not how will they differ?

At first I was very sceptical about tribes. I did not really see any value in them. It just seems like a Steemit restart with a different name.

But when Steemleo launched with a very narrow topic I was more intrigued to look a bit more into it and when I joined and become more and more active and involved with Sportstalk I kind of became a fan.

Everything felt more manageable and everyone seemed excited.

At first, on my second day here I already read about a huge exploit some people took adventage of and so cheated themselves to a big Stake and headstart.

Sounds a bit like the start of Steem? Yes, it does.

So throw the towel before you started or keep going? Most of us kept going and have seen the price of the token being way to high and way to low.

Different kinds of abuse and I am sure way more to come. What doesn`t kill you makes you stronger? We shall see.

Now we have more tribes than I have finger to count so I won`t even try. Many seem just to exist because someones keeps mentioning how fast many people made their money back and are in the black with their tribe and posts just get the tag slammed on it like a tramp stamp.

Is this bad? I don`t really think so. If some of those tribes bring actual value and get people into the Steemecosystem is this good for everyone.
I see the future of tribes in the niches and not the "you can post everything here". It just feels nicer to communicate with like minded people about the same hobby and even if it is just a small community.

Why this is not solved via a tag on Steemit? ...I don`t really know but everyone seems to love free tokens and I am no exception to this.

With SMTs and communites luring around the corner I would like to know the plans how this whole thing continues?

I am pretty sure 99% of tribe users know they are somehow connected to Steem or have been members before anyway.
I can imagine a world were both coexist and the serious tribes try to generate users as does @ned (if he is still around?) and so we got way more helping hands at the end and the best case would be a frontend which not looks the same like every other tribe and the user does not even know he uses Steem.

Maybe you can buy your tokens not only with Steem but furthermore with Fiat in the future?

Maybe no one gives a fuck about all of this?

Maybe this or that...

I am looking forward when the first tribes leader will speak out what they plan, what the challenges will be etc.

Am I worried about my stakes? Not, really as I am sure if there should be a transition the stake you have here will be honored but who knows the writers of "lost" got new jobs as well


I'm still getting my bearings as far as the tribes are concerned. I'm probably doing it wrong but i don't really like logging in to a dozen different groups just to use steemit.

I understand that. I have 2 Steem accounts now. One for Steemit and one for the tribes. I know that is not optimal but I also dont want to handle so many accounts.

But it is fun though.

I'm pretty sure there's an integration or somehow tribes will still thrive. Tribes are handled by SE Team which was spearheaded by @aggroed and @yabapmatt, so I guess they should find a way to still run the business.

Honestly I see potential expecially in sportstalk and neoxian, the guys are doing good job and I'm a sports guy so it made it Easy to be on sportstalk so if it brings a range of people here like you said, it's great

Why neoxian? I did not check it out proper but what does it do better than other tribes?

The guys at the helm have a proper frame work to beat things like inflation and abuse, and it's more like palnet nothing specific

I’m really only using leo and sports because that’s where my interests lie and what I post about most!

If communities are similar to sub Reddit’s then I could see tribes and communities working together because niches overlap and we could have different ways of curating content

Not so sure what we going to do with all these tokens just yet but hey let me keep stacking and see where we end up

I might have a look into a couple others and see what they are about but as you said my interests are more into sports and finance at the moment


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