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About Bitberry

Safe Cryptocurrency wallet app where you can store your Coins including ERC20 tokens and almost 116 coins are listed on bitberry and it run by RootOne (a subsidiary company of Dunamu) but good news for hunters that Steemhunt tokens also listed on this wallet.

Yesterday I just Signed up and created my Account with google on bitberry wallet for Adding some Hunt tokens to this wallet for testing. i just added some hunt tokens and the transaction is done so fast and smoothly with no delay and it works fine.



I will prefer to download this and Use this all Inter Transactions are free.
Download Now
Earn Money with SteemHunt
After Installing the wallet app in your phone now click on the Signup with Gooogle Account and Very Your Phone Number with OTP.

Now your Profile is Created and you will receive a welcome Message from bitberry team.
Simple UX by google login and phone number remittance

There are no transaction fees between Bitberry users or for those sending transactions via phone numbers.

Official Website Link:


Reviewers Comment

Its Easy to Use and Best to Use Your Crypto Wallet in Your Pocket. So No Need to Use Other Complicated Apps.

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