The Magnificence of Medieval Buildings and Aceh Culture in the Tomb of Tgk. Awe Geutah Peusangan

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The story of life and travel is one thing that will always be a memory for every individual, a group of people, and also on behalf of a country. So that every detail of this must be written and arranged and kept neatly by the parties concerned, so that every history will be the forerunner and the occurrence of a problem will be known by many people in the future.




Awe Geutah Village is an inland village ± 35 km away from the Capital City of Bireuen Regency, Aceh Province and to get to this village takes ± 30 (thirty) minutes by using public transportation from the Bireuen City Center. House Tgk. Chik Awe Geutah faces North with the boundaries as follows:

• The north is bordered by the entrance to the Rumah Awe Geutah complex
• the east is bordered by houses
• The south is bordered by a resident's garden
• the west is bordered by gardens and houses.

To visit the Tomb, you can access Google Maps which I included in the following link Here




The tomb of the Aceh Ulama, Tgk.Chiek Awe Geutah, which was located in Peusangan sub-district in the past, and now has changed to Siblah Krueng Subdistrict after the regional division in Bireuen District a few years ago. So that every problem of the social life of the community will be handled well by the government, with an even distribution of territory and a sufficient population for a government regulation of course.

Today I tell a few things that are in the Tomb of Tgk. Chiek Awe Geutah as one of the great ulama in the old days of Tempo, so that from my writing today it can be used as reading material and also a reference to the whole community about the place and existence of the long history.




Here are some pictures of the original building that I attached, and this is a collection of pictures that belonged to me during a visit to the Tomb of Tgk. Chik Awe Geutah, but in 2018, by the tomb guards or farmers directly from Tgk. Chiek Awe Geutah has provided a prohibition to take pictures on the main entrance to the Graveyard, so we can only listen to stories from Awe Geutah's grandchildren about history and its long journey.


And for the final picture of my writing today, it is seen the main road leading to the house / residence of the ancestors and Children of fiber grandchildren of the late Tgk. Awe Geutah, also seen a picture of an iron gate, where it is said that this door is two pieces, and in this paper one piece is seen, while the other piece has been taken away by Dutch soldiers during the Second Dutch Aggression in Indonesia and Aceh at the time.

Let's keep and maintain the place, so that every history of the existence of Aceh and the Sultanate and the Glory of the Nation of Aceh will continue to be remembered throughout the ages by the children and grandchildren of all the people of Aceh specifically and to continue to be a reference material to the greatness of the glory of Aceh in the past that will be known and used as a reference by the outside world, both for educational purposes, as a reference to the history and sultanate of Aceh.




Next, I will attach some references from the Aceh government articles, especially the Bireuen Regency Government, you can see the article Here

And you can also see other articles in my blog at Trybe

And here I also include one of the videos from the Youtube channel, about Location and some activities that were recorded a few years ago and I hope you enjoy it. You can see it Here

This is my short article today, hopefully useful for many people, Greetings from me @helmibireuen

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A very beautiful place and full of historical stories, I hope to get there in the future. And thank you for sharing this information from you

Thanks for attention,. You are Welcome @abumubarak

well, it is great to know such things. history usually amazes us.

One of the history and roots of civilization contained in my district of Aceh, a pleasure I can share here

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