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We made the announcement last week about the new Community Guidelines and Referee System that we're using to combat abuse within SPORTS. Tonight we thought it'd be wise to make a post to help highlight ways the community can signal to our referees posts that they should take a look at.

1.) #replay-room on SportsTalkSocial Discord

This is the original place to come together to discuss abuse on SPORTS. We have a number of users who post links to user submissions they feel don't meet the SPORTS Guidelines and referees and whales who help remove the abuse. This is a great place to discuss content and determine how others feel about a piece's worth.

2.) Leave a comment on @sportsinfo daily report

Every day @sportsinfo creates a post that details all of the votes that referees have made on content still within it's 7 day voting period. All referees are aware of this bot as it's an amazing tool for them to gain consensus. Leaving links to other content that you feel they should address should certainly help to catch their eyes.

3.) Leave an anonymous tip

Our newest tool is a way for users to submit an anonymous tip about abuse via a web form. Just head over to and fill out the form. Your response will be immediately available to our referees in a special read only room in our Discord.

Regardless of what method you use to submit tips to the referees we certainly thank you for assisting us. There's already a lot of activity going on within SPORTS so any help the community can give to locating abuse does wonders for the team to react and remove rewards from abusers. The more they are able to remove the more that's available for everyone else who's using the platform!


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