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TATA is a social media platform with more than 17 million users before they launched their open beta test (obt) app on the 8th of August 2019.

Just like Instagram, it's a platform where we can share our #lifstyle, #sportstalk #creavtive videos, #food and other popular tags which I think will be good for you.

But the difference between all other social media like Facebook and Instagram is that, with TATA you can earn a reward called $ACN.
Noting that during the obt period, users will warn a smaller portion of the reward pool till they release the office app.


Now I will taking you on the basics of how to get started with Tata app. You will need to download the app and also the wallet which are to be connected together.

  1. Creating an account in tata
    Download tata: Google Play Store|Apple App Store


  1. Download TTC Connect: Google Play Store


Mobile Responsiveness

I like the responsive nature of the App
The UI/UX design is really nice
Here is how my profile looks like
I will score it 80%

I like the combination of the steemit and WeChat concept where a user can reward you based on the staked ACN on the wallets.

Discover People

I like the discovery concept where it's easy to locate your our interest on the platform. So you won't find bitcoin topic/post when your interest in food or sports.

Inbuilt Messenger

It has internal messaging feature where we can all say hi to each other without without going to discord or telegram.

No spamming

I don't think it's possible to spam users because we have to follow ourselves before we will be eligible to message eachother.

Reputation Score

Just like Steemit, your reputation increases the more your positive activities are made on the platform ( post, comment and vote)

Scan QR code.

Well I like this feature as also seen in WeChat where users can invite you to follow them with the help of the barcode. It's pretty easy to use.

MY Dislike

I am making this review to sincerely share how I feel about Tata and hope they improve on it. This is not mean to kill their efforts.

Browser Issue

Firstly, I was enjoying the app until it asked me to verify my account based on kyc. I tried severally but did not see a place to upload my documents.
After I informed tfame about the issue, He suggested I should use Firefox browser and not Google Chrome.

Another issue again was that the IP address couldn't enable me see the upload button on the kyc settings. I had to download a VPN browsers to enable me see this button.
I think the developer will understand what I am talking about and hope they make quick changes because this app should be universal.

Network favourism

Well I actually enjoyed this app at midnight because my network was kinda Free. But this afternoon the network takes time to load which I believe it's due to my network traffic by other users. So I think the Tata developers should consider light weight users from different part of the world.
Network browsing data is very expensive in Nigeria and other part of Africa so please always have us in mind. vznen2qf6r.png

My Conclusion

I don't expect Tata app to be 100% perfect because its still new. But I really appreciate the founders for introducing such a decentralised mobile platform where users can get reward for the good time they send online. Kudos guys

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This is a good review. Tata is a good app to keep up with things. You can also earn from it.

This is a nice review, thank you for your contribution.

It is obvious now that the future of social media lies with platforms that will reward users for time spent on their various apps.

Tata seems like a very impressive application worth trying out.

17 million users before beta test launch, wow, that's really notable. Can't wait to see what the developers of this app have in stock for the future.

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