Getting Ready to Get Ready for Fall

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A gentle, easy Sunday.

We all woke up with the sun. Well, Melissa and I a little bit before the sun. We went to church and started the new membership path at our church. Y'all know what that means. :)

When I got home, it was garden time.

I'm composting the three sisters beds in place. After that is started, the whole dang place is getting leaf littered and wood chipped on top if that. Hashtag organic matter. I wanna see how long I can go without watering next year, and I need to be getting ready before the autumn rain gets here. And it's gonna be mushroom capital of the universe in there.

I found that little guy under a corn leaf. He must have liked the water being on low all night Saturday into Sunday morning. I didn't disturb that bed any more after I found him.

That's the only pic I took of the whole day...

I did some math, and figured out that I need sixteen truck beds of wood chips. I'll be making walls for the truck so I can get that down to eight trips this fall. It's gonna be a fun and really informative process. I'm looking forward to it.

Daily Activity, Gardening, House Chores, Play with kids/grand kids, Yard Work

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It's leaf collectin' time in the nateiverse!!! Yay. I need more organic matter too. For my compost. I have lots of straw but I've taken to raking up grass and that's sooo labourious. Cute froggie! We bought our place because of frogs. Figured it had to be healthy!!!

7 minutes before class is over. 30 minute drive home. 5 minutes to get changed. then it's chook timmmmmeee!!!

An hour since the comment.

Quick! Chicken picture!

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We built a no-dig permaculture garden in the middle of 10-year drought and had no issues growing an abundance of veg and fruit trees.

Hashtag mulch. Hashtag compost. Hashtag chickens. Hashtag worm farms.

We laid mulch originally about a foot deep, not joking. There was no topsoil or insect/microbial life. That was in autumn. By first summer we were pumping!!!!


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Now that's the kind of thing I wanna hear! Tell me more. How did you plant under a foot of mulch? What role did the chooks play? What did the chooks eat? What kind of space are we talking?

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I wish we still had that blog up.....

We started with a typical suburban front lawn. Cut some trees down and got them to tip it over the front yard, and took a bit of time just to level it out.

We also had 4 or 6 barrels of horse poo we collected from where our horse was agisted. We made up a couple of bed and lay down cardboard and poo, and straw and so on. To plant, we made a little hole, filled with soil, and planted.

Planted fruit trees, and then we had a couple of small compost bins on beds between trees. Stuck a large-ish chook pen in the middle, kept them chooks in that, but kept scraping out their pen and spreading it around or adding to the compost heap. Never let them out because of foxes and they destroy plants.

Eventually our compost bins became giant worm farms, and they sped everything up.

And here we prepare for Spring @nateonsteemit....although the fruit trees have already thrown their beautiful flowers!

Yes! That's so exciting! How's your winter been?

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Winter? Strange. Usually it is freezing but it's been mild with some almost summer type days and a couple chilly nights. Our fruit trees are blossoming (early) but everything is confused. We need a good couple frosts to boost the gardens and trees

That's how ours was last year! Not very cold, with plenty of rain. Then an early rainy spring. This summer has been cool and fairly wet too, and the entire next week will be unseasonably cool. I'm confused, but I love it.

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Love your frog!

16 truckloads, whatever will Melissa say!! :))

She's down! We've been working on getting on the same page

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