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Every 4 years there is a World Cup and once it has finished like the Rugby World Cup has now then a new cycle starts. The aim of the coaching staff is to create and develop a team that can possibly lift the next trophy.
France are hosting the next World Cup. Seems a little too soon as I was there in 1999 and they also were hosts in 2007. Maybe they paid more or offered something extra.

A world cup squad of 30 players will have players left over from the last world Cup but many won't be there. The reality is some will be 4 years older and possibly passed their prime. A few players will pick up injuries over the next 4 years and may never be the same. New players will arrive on the scene bigger and better with more skills. This is the life cycle of a sporting team and it will never change just repeating itself over and over again.A good example is the South African Team that lifted the trophy over the weekend had 9 players left over from the last World Cup Squad which is roughly one third.

4 Years sounds like a long time but fine tuning a team that you have assembled takes a good 6 months to a year. The problem is planning and looking at what the team needs as you first have to see who is going to be kept from the last squad and developed further. Some of the players may just fall foul of the age group required and feel sorry for anyone in their late 20's or early 30's as that will be seen as just too old.There has to be a fine balance as every team needs to keep some experienced players for the next group that comes through.

I was looking at the England squad the other day and the average age of the team and they look to be in a good place for France in 2023. The average age is 27 so add on 4 years and that makes it a 31 year old squad which is about right. Obviously there will be many new faces and only expect to see a third remaining or slightly more from the team right now. That is the reality as these players will be the core the coach builds from.
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International Teams will first look at their International Under 20 teams to see who makes the grade over the next two years. France believe it or not has won the Junior World Cup two years in a row so there must be players who will be 24 or 25 and be ready for the next World Cup coming through very soon. I expect to see a younger French team next time around which is good for the game.

Everybody wants to see change and improvements so this culling of players from the team has to happen and will take a good couple of years leaving the coaching staff two years to find replacements who are better than what they have currently. It is funny to think that players are getting bigger and faster each year and that is down to "programs" they are on. One just had to look at the South African team to spot the one who isn't on some extra vitamins. Everyone is doing something and it isn't healthy as where does it stop.

I will be fortunate enough to attend the next World Cup as being in France is just to much of a lure. I love the place so combining sport and visiting World War 2 things is just too much to give up. Throw in the French food and some wine and I am happier than a pig in s..t.


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No apologies necessary. I will come and join you and let us see who is around.

yeah i think that would be pretty epic to be able to go see the matches in France. I bet the tickets aint cheap!

I know how much you enjoy visiting France, so that is pretty awesome that you are going to be able to attend! I didn't realize they run the teams on a four year program like that. Do they not really care about the wins and losses in the next three years then?

Awesome. Looking forward to watching this.

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