Arrogant Bastards And Total Dickheads

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Prized dicks all of them.

I am happy South Africa gave the English a rugby lesson yesterday after I saw the medal ceremony. The English players were just outright rude and don't deserve anything. Players removed the medals from around their heads as soon as they could which tells you what type of characters they are. I would call them dickheads and hope this bunch has no more success as they don't deserve it. They are not worthy of wearing the English jersey and need to grow up. Playing a tournament in a country rich in tradition they have not only insulted the hosts, but the entire rugby sport in general. It is behavior like this that wishes I was still playing and could beat ten tons of crap out of them.
Something I don't expect England to see doing again in my lifetime. They need to grow up and be more humble and just maybe they will be respected more. I have no respect for them as they don't deserve any. South Africa fully deserved the trophy and you are disrespecting them with your behavior which makes it more sweeter.

Players crying after the game doesn't sit well with me and Itoje saying it is the worst day of his life is pathetic as he hasn't lived then except for in his precious protected bubble. Rassie Erasmus summed up the tournament very well for me when asked about pressure.

“[Before the tournament] We started talking about what is pressure,” said Erasmus. “In South Africa pressure is not having a job. Pressure is one of your close relatives being murdered. ... “Rugby shouldn't be something that creates pressure on you, rugby should be something that creates hope"

England believed their own press and thought just by turning up they would win the trophy. The way they behaved yesterday is why most countries around the world hate the English. I am English as I was born there, but what and how they handled themselves was embarrassing. I got the feeling that the players are a bunch of spoiled brats with no manners and I don't think I am far wrong.

The press today has been taking off at everyone blaming whoever comes into the line of sight. This is common as that is what the English do. Boris Johnson was blamed for wishing the team well as he is a jinx apparently. Eddie Jones needs to be sacked is another and these reporters were travelling with the team on their entire World Cup journey.

England are very professional as a team, but I do believe they were reading the press articles in the crucial build up week. Interviews were happening with the media and their heads were getting bigger each day. They were not having a normal week and taking it as any other game and they beat themselves.

I have said this before and as an outsider being English I understand where the other three major rugby powers are coming from. You can lose to Scotland,Ireland and Wales but never to England. If you lose to England it is seen as an insult and a complete failure as for one you will never hear the end of it. England beat New Zealand a few years ago and a video was in the shops on Monday morning bragging about their famous victory.

New Zealand won't be so kind again after this World Cup and expect Australia to also make a quick comeback. The press articles today will have the Aussies and Kiwi's smiling as the English look for excuses instead of saying well played and you deserved the win. Eddie Jones and Farrell came out and said the better team won which is how it should happen. When there are two teams playing for one trophy there is always going to be a loser and England should know how it feels as they have only won the trophy once in 8 attempts. That is still better than the English Football team who have only won it in 1966 and keep singing the song "it is coming home". The trophy must have forgotten where home is by now and the chances of it returning home are remote.

English fans are not true sporting fans and are manipulated by the press and it will always happen. Build a team up and then knock them down when unrealistic expectations aren't achieved. England had a real chance yesterday and I blame the build up to the game for the players head space. Other teams ban cell phones and reading of the media and the English team were surrounded by the media so they were the story and lived the story of being winners already.


I haven't seen the match as rugby is not my sport but what you say is not only sad but also serious. If you're a player you have two options, to win and to lose. This is known from the beginning, so if you lose, at least have the decency to respect the winner.
There's a saying "You have to know how to lose" but it looks like these guys don't know the saying.

Gracious in defeat is what is required and they have never learnt this. the English should be good at it as they lose more than they win and maybe it smacks of desperation. This is something you learn whilst growing up and obviously these boys haven't become men yet.

I wish you'd stop beating around the bush and tell us what you really think ;-)

In all seriousness, removing their medals was pathetic, disrespectful and childish. I hope there is an inquiry into their behaviour. At the very least it was unsportsmanlike.

This thing isn't normal and I haven't experienced it anywhere else besides in England. They need to walk before they run. Every nation wants to win so is understandable, but then be gracious in defeat and don't be a scum bag.

Lool. I couldn't agree more.

I could remember last year's world cup (football) when England reached the semifinals. I was in an English soccer group on Telegram, Oh man!!! These guys were already talking about bringing the trophy home and who they'll beat in the finals. I was furious and told them they won't even beat Croatia in the semifinals with the way things are going. They called me names and I was kicked outta the group😂😂.

The build ups to games matter. The English players themselves are not different from the fans and media. To much hyping and all that.

Until this hyping stops, English football and other sports will continue to have hiccups😂😂.

Nice post

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Hiccups is an understatement and lets hope they choke every time.

England has always been cocky in all sports I watch. It has cost them victories and it will cost them in the future too... Unless a real mentality change happens on all levels, players, fans, media, etc...

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I agree the cockiness needs to be beaten out of them first before they will taste success again. It is just so frustrating to see it as you can see they are not mentally ready and they can'rt see it.

It happened in the football World Cip too, twice against Belgium, and some fans are just despicably disrespectful for the opponents...

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This is why they lost in the first place, you need a gram of humbleness and respect in any situation. Plus, they are supposed to be brits, no gentlemanship in them.

None what so ever and why they are hated by other sporting countries.

I saw the medal-removal when i was watching it live and wondered whey they were doing that.

They have no respect for anyone and it is like they feel entitled to everything. Was really happy they lost as I couldn't stomach them winning again as it is too soon after 2003.

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That is too bad that they had to react like that. I know that several times in the Olympic games something similar has happened where the person took off their medal as soon as they could because it wasn't the right color. There is something very impressive about a person that can lose graciously. Much more so than a person that wins and brags about it. The SA team were certainly the better men all around.

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