Ear Crunching And Shape Changing

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I love my vegetables and in particular Cauliflower and cheese sauce. One of the side affects of playing certain positions as a forward in rugby is cauliflower ears. I have seen some bad cases and it is not funny and I find it rather ugly.

First thing that went in my kit bag plus a pair of scissors. It was awkward removing it after the game and all you can do is pull and hopefully not too much hair comes with it.

The guys with the heads peeking out is the worst as you get crunched on both ears. That was my position and the better the team the tighter the crunch was.

My ears used to literally bleed for 6 months of the year and it is painful. Think of a scab forming and you constantly keep ripping it off over time scar tissue will form and grow. This basically fills the inside of your ear with extra hard flesh. I have heard it doesn't effect your hearing, but I am sure it does at some point.
richie-mccaw-given-the-all-clear-to-play-in-the-world-cup-final (1).jpg

I used to bandage my head up to help tuck my ears in and prevent the constant rubbing. This may sound funny to some of you, but playing a lock meant you stuck your head down between two guys in front of you. Basically sandwiched between their lower thigh region and you got squashed. Your shoulders would support their backside so the team could push in the scrums. Normally the fat guys are ahead of me and it was a tight fit. I banned pockets as they would tear the top of my ear where it joins on my head which is rather painful.

These days I have the perfect ears in line with my head and they are very straight. The bandage must have pulled them in as they look as though a surgeon has created them just right. I am not going to take a photograph of them in case some of you have an ear fetish and may get too exited.

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It's not a good look on players and you can see some of them that were totally destroyed from playing. Especially back in the day when they didn't take any care of themselves. I can only imagine it's painful to have your ears destroyed like this.

It was very painful and something you just put up with. I must admit I don't care about my looks and worry about moisturizer and stuff that guys do today. Different generations I suppose and the guys today are more feminine possibly or smarter.

The game to me is one of the hardest game in the world because I can’t seem to play a game knowing I would be risking my life 💔....and am also in love with the sport.

Never played rugby myself but it looks crazy as hell. It sure is entertaining to watch because they don't call time outs and stop the clock like US football.

Good job on not getting cauliflower ear haha!

I struggle with American sports due the all the advert breaks. I was watching normal television in the States and had to stop as I like to watch the program and not adverts. I don't know how you guys can put up with it.

I had a friend in high school that was a wrestler and he always had issues with his ears. I haven't seen him in a long time, but hopefully they are all better now. It is crazy how bad they can get with repeated abuse.

The problem is they don't get better and the scar tissue keeps on building up. I was lucky as others around me in my team had them.

hahaha! Thanks for those of us who may have ear fetishes sir cryptoandcoffee! lol. Very interesting, I don't know a dang thing about rugby so I learned something.

Hello Sir Janton. yes it isn't a pleasant experience rubbing your ear so much that it bleeds and changes shape over time.

That was very interesting to learn that's one of the causes of that ear shape sir cryptoandcoffee! I'm glad you were smart and wore a headband. You sound like you've been smart your whole life though so I'm not surprised. lol.

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