Rugby World Cup Competition Number 7

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Bit of a bummer only having one of my two games in the last round but @niallon11 scored another win with his Japanese and 5000 Sports will be making it's way to him very soon.

The next games are going to be a little trickier as these are the quarter final rounds and this is where the competition starts to get serious. I will run a contest for the games on Saturday and Sunday so this Competition number 7 is for Saturdays games only.

First up England vs Australia. A must watch game and will probably book a platter of toasted sandwiches which will ensure all the piggies wake up in time. The game is at breakfast time for me so it is a rare treat to have someone deliver a platter on a motorbike. This game could go either way and even though I am English I am not calling this one.

Game 1 England Vs Australia


The second game is between Wales and France and I fancy France with this one somehow. I haven't been overly impressed with what I have seen of Wales lately and like the French midfield pairing. Whoever wins this one is going home in the next round so it doesn't really matter either way to me. Both sides can win on the day and they will throw everything they have trying to win this one.

Game 2 Wales vs France

As like all the other competitions you need to select the winner and guess by how many points. Get it right or be the closest and win 5000 Sports Tokens. All entries will be heavily upvoted so it is worth your while to enter as you may get 5000 just on entering depending on my Voting Power. Just enter and you are a winner already and I can't paint it any clearer than that.

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Loving these contests. I'm only disappointed that i missed the first couple of rounds before seeing it. Thanks for the sports tokens.

I still think England for the trophy but it will be a tight game so to win by 5.
Same with the other match but I think France have the power to get past wales and win by 7.

My bet would be England and France as well, but then again as long as they are decent games I don't really care either way.

I am going to go with Australia by 7 and Wales by 14. I have to believe they will get their stuff together at some point. Based on what you are saying anyway.

Amazing. This got me, now following you to Enjoy more of it

Really enjoyed the analysis. All games are intriguing.

Wales by 15. Did I do it right?

Yes. What about the England game as you may as well guess. Wales by 15 is not a bad shout.

Australia by 5 🤷🏼‍♂️🙈

England to win by 12. Wales to win by 7

So far you have banked 5000 for the England game. Who would have thought 24 points was the margin.

England by 10 and Wales by 3.

You were the closest on the Wales game. 5000 tokens coming your way. Wales won by 20-19 so only 1 point. Congratulations.

Yay, good news! Thank you.

Game 1: I think Australia to win by 6
Game 2: France to win by 3 - Wales are still all over the place and are lucky to have got this far.

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England will be run close but will just hold off the Aussies; AB's will take Ireland only hope for us is a close tight game if that is the case we could sneak it but I can't see it, Wales / France for me France are going to take this after having a rest France just have at least 1 big game in them and this could be it, Boks/Japan Boks will be just too strong and smother them.