Stade de France

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I have been to many stadiums around the world and this one in Paris is my favorite. Not only because you normally spend the night out staying somewhere but the thought that went into building it. I must have been there three or 4 times over the years and each time there has never been an issue with parking or queuing. The layout has had so much thought gone into it including the underground parking facility that it is a pleasure to drive your car to the match.

I had driven there with a car load of people and we were going to watch the quarter final of the Rugby World Cup. I had never been there before and just knew it was in Saint Denis and I could take an exit from the freeway and be right there. When i bought the match day tickets I bought parking as well and had no idea what to expect. I know if you go to the likes of Twickenham the parking can cost you more than your ticket price and you have to walk for miles.

We arrived at the Stadium early so as not to be in a mad rush and enjoy what was on offer. I can't remember exactly, but our seats were in section G of the main stand. I showed the stadium parking attendant my ticket and he ushered me to parking G which had a staircase directly into the grand stand. I thought that this was smart and the exit went straight out as a feeder onto the freeway.

Ever since that day i have always bought a parking ticket for this place as you can't go wrong. Within 10 minutes of the match ending you can be in your car on the freeway going to wherever you need to as it took us less than half an hour from the Stadium to the hotel in central Paris. Other places like Twickenham you could be stuck in traffic for hours and may as well go and have something to eat and drink first as you aren't going anywhere fast.
If Ireland are playing then find a pub further up the road as they do the drinking dry thing regularly.

Today I suppose you could just use an Uber and it has become hassle free and one doesn't really need a car to get around when you are travelling and staying in a city. The stadium is alcohol free and the beers on sale are 0 percent alcohol and maybe why the bars run out quickly around the stadium. It is something to experience as it is like a wave moving up the road as bars shut down waiting for deliveries as they are drunk dry.

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It is really a lovely stadium main looking afar. I would love to be there someday.

We hang out at the moulan rouge. Theres a lovely arabian shop that sells cheap cans . Theybstock up before the irish arrive and make thousands

@cryptoandcoffee, This Sky View is making this stadium look like awesome ZERO (0) design. 👍

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That is really awesome. I can't tell you the number of hours I have lost sitting in parking lots waiting to get out of venues. The Palace in Auburn Hills actually had really great access to the express way once you got out of the parking lot. I think they are tearing that down now...

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