Supercomputer Is Wrong

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Artificial Intelligence now predicts earthquakes and Tsunamis on the same way it predicted the two rugby semi finals.

Shock,horror a supercomputer that is used for predictions which I will get into just a bit was used to predict who would win the Rugby World Cup semi finals over the last weekend. The computer was given the data from the last 10 years and spewed out it's thoughts. Spewed is the right word as if you fill it with rubbish you will get rubbish back. Most sports teams have evolved over the last 10 years and wait till you see what information it spewed out. We all know the saying crap in, crap out or something close to that anyway.

England was given an 18 percent chance of victory as it predicted over 4000 simulations and England came out tops 647 times giving the percentage. I am no "Super Computer" and thought it would be close and maybe New Zealand would squeak it by 7 points or so. never in a million years would I suggest New Zealand to be 82 percent favorite though. The team had already lost to South Africa just before the World Cup and their were question marks on them already.

The second game between Wales and South Africa had the same data fed into the system and Wales came out winners. Everyone knows South Africa sent over a "B" team to play the November Internationals for the last few years and they have had a few questionable coaches who were clueless.The computer gave Wales a 26 % chance and South Africa a 25% chance of victory so there was a lot of unknowns in this one.

What I find fairly bizarre is this computer is normally working on natural disasters like earth quakes and flooding. That data like rugby games is also changing consistently and wouldn't trust anything that comes out of that. Weather is so unpredictable at the best of times and knowing correct information is what saves lives.vb-buvar-paul-octopus.jpg
The Octopus got the final right for the 2010 World Cup Football Final choosing Spain.

A few years ago at the World Cup Football they had an Octupus choose which teams were going to win. I am sure there must have been food traces on the lids or something as he did get a lot right.He picked Serbia to beat Germany 1 nil which they did and was a major upset. The bookmakers reckoned that he made people a good half a million pounds if they had gone with his predictions.


That is pretty crazy. I would have guessed it might have been a bit better at doing it than that. Even someone that is just guessing would probably have better odds than what the computer came up with. Did they say the name of the computer that was doing the predictions? I know that IBM one is pretty impressive.

No name on the computer and I think guessing would have given you better odds I agree. i would say using AI for predicting sport is totally different to weather as teams and coaches change and there are just too many variables.

that octopus is a legend. Since i don't really care for football, i think i look forward to his (her?) predictions more than the actual games.

Paul was a legend and people got upset when he passed away a few years ago. Crazy to think if people had gone with his predictions how much they could have made. I need to check as another country used something else and need to check whether it was a rat or something.

how are they going to bring that boat down

Make it into a feature or wait for the next Tsunami.I thought it was pretty cool how it ended up there though and is the best part of the house now. I am sure they used a crane or chopped it up depending on the boats value.

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