World Cup Is Going To Be Hectic For The Teams

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12 stadiums where the games are being played. As you can see they are dotted all over the 3 Islands of Japan.

Always expect the unexpected with traveling. I used to travel quite a bit for business and thankfully I don't these days.

Being a top sportsmen means you are living out of a suitcase for sometimes weeks at a time. The fad soon wears off and you actually look forward to normal days at home.

Funny clip of 7 rugby players trapped in a lift for over an hour. These things happen on tour.

The top International Rugby Test teams are going to the World Cup in Japan. The tournament starts on the 20th September and finishes on the 2nd November so around 6 weeks. The teams will fly in a good week ahead of time so it will be nearly 2 months away from home.

Luckily Japan is fairly small and even though they are using 12 stadiums I would gather that the teams would most likely stay in one place for the tournament. Having a base that you can call home for 2 months is a key part of a team settling in and doing well. That is what we would all do anyway, but the Japanese are calling the shots this time. Each team has to now have a week in each host city so that everyone gets a chance to experience what each city offers.

Previous World Cups in England,France,South Africa the teams could set up a base and fly in for the game and then fly back to their base without time wasting and checking in and out of hotels.Not this time though and a rugby team will definitely stand out in the crowd in Japan and it will be full on attention for everyone involved.They will be in the public eye wherever they are and won't be able to just relax.

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Wow, that is pretty crazy that they are going to have to travel around so much for their games. I guess we have playoff games all over the country for our sports, but it just seems crazy for them to have to play in twelve different stadiums like that. Actually, as I sit and think about it more I realize it probably isn't that shocking. I should just shut my mouth :)

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