28 km travel running

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I just came home from a week long work travel to California. Work travels are usually very busy because in addition to long days of working there is also the networking aspect in the evening. Add nine hours time difference and jetlag and you can easily have excuses not to run. I am though super proud to have gotten 28 km of running done during that week, mostly thanks to being awake long before breakfast due to jetlag. I have to admit that the warmer weather was a huge motivation too! Unfortunately only asphalt running, no trails around, and I start feeling a shin splint coming! That is very bad news and I will be doing all the rehab exercises for a while and also tape my leg for runs. Fingers crossed it will pass.


yeah asphalt is a killer! It's a shame because it is getting harder and harder to find areas that aren't solid road these days. Well done on such a long run, it really impresses me your level of fitness.

Welcome home.

It's great to hear you've been able to put in all these kilometers.

At first, I was scared that you've made a one 28 kilometers long run :)

Now, go into the woods and on the snow and your shin worries will disappear.

Have a great weekend.

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Thanks. Will definitely go back to my woods. Asphalt is a leg killer for me. Don’t understand how someone run 42 km on that!

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Keep on running!

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