Sunday Run {Plus More Peaches!}

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Happy Sunday! Well, it was a happy one, as it is all but over now. This past week was another busy one with work and some social engagements, so I didn't have a whole lot of time or energy for sharing anything on here. We also went peach picking one last time for the season!

Working with 35 pounds of peaches before they start to rot is a challenging as is, but even more so when you have a busy work week! Little by little we've been eating these perfect summer beauties fresh and popping them into some delicious meals and snacks. I knew I really had to buckle down and finish off a good bit today, but I also really felt like I needed to get a run in this morning. Sometimes there's just nothing like a run to shake off some fatigue and actually give me some energy to take on the day. With the current heat and humidity, the best way to make sure to get one in is to just get up and head right out first thing!

Luckily I tend to wake up early on my own even on the weekends, so I laced up and started out before 7am. I sometimes get frustrated in the summer because I feel sooo slow, but this run was definitely all about the mental health with no worries about my pace. My goal right now is to get just a little more consistency back, then I'll be ready to hit it hard when the weather eases up a wee bit to get ready for a few fall races. Mission accomplished for today!

Even better, I had banana bread with peaches & pecans smothered with my homemade peach jam to come back to after my run. The jam was the first thing I made when we got home with our fruit haul on Tuesday with some of the softer fruit that got dinged up during transporting. Thank you to the Instant Pot for making this super easy! Just peaches, lemon juice, a wee bit of sweetener to make a few jars of delicious spread.

With the heat in full force, another perfect use was popsicles. Another really simple treat to put together in a pinch. I just blended peaches, frozen banana, plant-based yogurt and a pinch of ginger before pouring into my molds.

These are light and refreshing, so no guilt in this frozen treat!

As usual, the Steem community gave me some other great ideas. @fionasfavourites suggested chutney, and it sounded like a great idea to try for the first time. I found a recipe that looked really delicious with spices like cumin, fennel and mustard seeds, and ginger. I made it today to use over tempeh this week, so I'll try to share once the meal totally comes together. The little taste I had today was quite a pop of flavor!

I made another loaf of the banana bread to bring in to work tomorrow, as well as some more yummy smoothies. Beets and peaches make a killer combination, FYI. 😉 I've also frozen a few gallon bags full of sliced peaches and a few cup containers full for later use. We've got just a few dozen peaches left fresh! There may be a few more weeks of them left at the farmers market, but the picking is definitely done. Between all of our berry and peach excursions the freezer is full to the brim just like I love. I'm sure we'll make some room before apple picking comes around...😉

Have a great week everyone!

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Those peaches look so good, ours are just starting to get ripe in this area. A trip to Eckhardt's Orchard is coming soon. With all this heat we've been having those popsickles would be fantastic. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful uses for the fresh peaches. Good job on that morning run.

A trip to the orchard is the perfect thing during the summer time! I'm so glad we were able to make it for one last visit. Are you going to bring the grandkids with you? I think we will definitely be bringing my niece apple picking this year if we can work it out. :)

Wow you are so lucky to be able to go peach picking, they don't grow here in our sub tropical climate but do very well down in the Western Cape. Thanks for sharing all those uses, peach chutney is very popular here in South Africa as @fionasfavourites showed us! Enjoy summer!

Bummer that they don't do so well there, but there's always other things you can get your hands on that I can't so it all seems to even out. Doesn't mean we can't have fruit envy, though, haha! This was my first time making the chutney, but it definitely won't be my last! Can't wait to get the rest of the meal pulled together to try it out. :)

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Oh, those peaches! I am glad you made chutney. Truth be told, I've only made apricot chutney (@lizelle, too): I've never had enough peaches to "sacrifice" that way. lol I'm curious about the colour: is the red because you didn't skin the peaches?

I can't wait for summer. And for me, peaches are one of the tastes of Christmas and take me back to the giant peach tree in our garden when I was about 7 or 8. My mother would tear her hair out because the juice stained all our clothes! Oh well....

Happy week to you, Katie!

Aha, the grey hairs of mine remembers wrongly then ;) Old Mrs Balls still makes a great Peach Chutney not so Fiona! I was also puzzled by the red colour @plantstoplanks?

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Hahaha! No worries, @lizelle. I sometimes think I've written or published something and discover I haven't. Yes, Mrs Balls still does a peach chutney. It's interesting that at the market, folk specifically look for the apricot one. I've had to stash a jar for a friend who will be in the valley at the beginning of August. Come apricot season, I have my work cut out for me!

Anyhow, here's the link :D

Thank you so much for the link!

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I'll be updating with a printable/downloadable recipe this afternoon

Thanks for the idea! Yes, I think the color is mostly from that rosy skin, though the insides were quite rich in color, as well, especially right around the pit. Though I did use red onion instead of white, so that might have also contributed.
These were the Freestone variety versus the Cling that were in season last round, so I think these are more vibrant in color. I know most of the recipes call to peel the peaches, but I don't mind the skin and definitely don't mind not taking that extra step. Especially since some of the peaches were soft enough that I would lose half the flesh if I tried to peel them. :)

I left the skin on for the jam, too, which is probably why most people on IG and FB originally thought that photo of the banana bread looked like meatloaf with ketchup! That gave me quite the giggle. 🤣

Now that’s a lot of peaches! Lots of fun picking too @plantstoplanks!

So much fun! I always feel like the season seems so short, so I load up on the fresh fruit while I can. Then we can continue to enjoy it from the freezer the rest of the year!

I had never really enjoyed peaches until I tasted an organically grown super fresh peach. Whoa! The flavor was incredible. Now every summer one place near where I live has these magical peaches. It is an event!

All of the recipes you mentioned in this post sound delicious!

I have had experiences with a few fruits and veggies like that! I never liked tomatoes until I finally had one fresh off the vine. Oh my gosh, what a difference. Store-bought just doesn't compare when you can get fresh-picked. Peaches, tomatoes, strawberries--those are just a few of the things I really won't get from the store unless I really need them for something. Otherwise I just (im)patiently wait when they are not in season and my freezer stash has run out. I think that increases the satisfaction of that first juicy bite of the season, as well, though. :)

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Good running kiddo! Even the gentle run was a good pace so nicely done! That ice lolly looks ideal as well but don't envy the heat! We have had 3 days of record breaking temperatures here in the UK this week (37+ Celsius) and we're melted lol!

Trying to get back to some consistency again! We actually had really beautiful weather the last few days, so I ran yesterday and this morning. Should be able to crank out another Actifit post this evening if I don't crash after work. ;) I'm sure it will be back to the usual oppressive summer weather in the next few days, so I am trying to take advantage while it is here!

Yea consistency is key in fitness, I've noticed my shape starting to change since I was walking and hiking everywhere on my travels... Now I'm a slob lol

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Yea consistency is key in fitness, I've noticed my shape starting to change since I was walking and hiking everywhere on my travels... Now I'm a slob lol

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