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Four clients in four years. Breast cancer is an -itch with a capital B. Just a few months ago was the latest diagnosis of a client a year younger than me. Luckily she felt an unusual lump and went right in to see the doctor to get the ball rolling on treatment.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for this gal. She was a blast to train, and she is a very successful business owner who leads one of the top real estate teams in her area. In the past year she has totally fallen in love with running, so I've had the extra pleasure of watching as she has set and conquered some great goals in that area of life.

One of her requests when she started sharing about her treatment and diagnosis was that her friends share pictures of them running or working out and tag her on social media. Since she cannot workout at the moment, she is living vicariously through us. Even better, she got a bunch of bracelets made so we can represent for her while we're logging miles!

My pal Julie and I knocked out a 7.5 mile run yesterday and posted this pic in her honor. Her influence has gotten all kinds of people to get out and get moving. Not just people like me who already run, but others who hadn't laced up their sneakers in a long time. How awesome is that to motivate people while you're dealing with your own issues?

I haven't run long in a while, but this run felt like a breeze. It was awesome to have great company to log the miles with, but also keep in mind my other pal and carry some of her energy with us.

This past week I was happy to be able to bring some nourishing food for the family. I wholeheartedly believe in the healing power of healthy, home cooked food! Of course I brought some items like a delicious creamy cauliflower soup since cruciferous veggies are excellent to boost the immune system and fight cancer cells. I also stuffed a baked butternut squash from our very own garden with a quinoa blend for a plant-powered main dish. I wasn't sure if they would eat it that night, or freeze for later so I wanted to make sure both items would hold up well if frozen!

When I went to drop off the food I was lucky enough to catch her at a time when we could sit back and chat for a while. Her current mindset is fantastic, and her prognosis is very good. The lumpectomy got the tumor with great margins, so she's just doing all of her research to choose the best next course of action. She has an adorable 2-year-old son, so her biggest priority is staying healthy for him!

Besides the other treatment and trying to consume good fuel to stay healthy, her last year of running has also been a big factor in her body being in a strong state to kick cancer to the curb. She lost excess weight and developed great endurance. Even after having the surgery to remove the tumor, she is bouncing back quickly in part because of those healthy habits!

I had to laugh because even in the midst of cancer, she was trying to get me to commit to doing a marathon with her next year! She was supposed to do her first one a week ago, but obviously wasn't able to do it. Instead of getting too bummed about it, she's focusing on the future. I believe that is a huge mental boost to set goals and focus on what will be instead of what could have been! The mind is a powerful part of the healing process. Community is, as well, so having awesome people rally around her has been a huge boost, she said.

I think we often get caught up in our own lives, being self-sufficient and successful. It's only when life throws us a curve ball that we realize how much we need others. I know I have a tough time asking for help, but being there for others lets me know I have a strong community when I need it, too. Both online and off. 😉

I'm coming up on my next race this weekend, and I will proudly wear my bracelet!

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WOw what a woman, while battling Cancer still so strong and motivating others, I must tell my Daughter in Law, who has a double Biopsy on Thursday so the doctor can work out how to deal with her cancer, hopefully it goes well and she will just need a lumpectomy IO think it is called thats the best option we can hope for

I hope all goes well with her appointment! I'll send some good energy her way. It has been quite shocking to me to see so many women go through this, but so far all of the outcomes have been good with my strong group of ladies. 💚

Thanks and thats greta that the outcomes among your group of ladies has all been good, we are hoping for the same :)

Sending all my Reiki Love and Healing Vibes to your friend 💞💞💞


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Wow your client / friend is made of the real strong stuff, inspiring people whilst dealing with one of the biggest life changing discoveries around. Thanks for sharing this story and keep on running - a marathon hey... They are tough but a proper training programme and nutrition will put you in the right path! Which ones are you eyeing up?

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She really is a remarkable woman! I have no doubt she will make an even stronger comeback in no time. I'm not committing yet, though it is tough to say no to her (as she well knows). There is a women's marathon on the coast next November that I believe she is looking at. At the very least I will commit to in some way being there, the full marathon I'm not so sure on. ;)

I have the privilege of knowing a few cancer survivors. One was The Husband's mum. She had a double mastectomy in about 1970 - when the treatment was, well, not what it is, now. She was cancer free for years and died not long after The Husband and I were engaged - in 2001. Another is a brave woman I got to know here - my age. A very aggressive cancer and in the middle of her chemo, she got tick fever. It was really touch and go. Now, she is healthy and although her marriage collapsed as a consequence of the cancer (how much can one woman cope with?) she's one of the most positive people I know.

That seems to me to be the overriding characteristic of cancer survivors: their positivity and their support systems. I look forward to you sharing more of Linde's story and her road to recovery. She's lucky to have a friend like you, Katie.

Attitude really does make all the difference in the world! Truly amazing to see the strength and resilience that it takes to not only get handed down that unthinkable diagnosis, but then to keep the head held high throughout the treatment. Ever single one of these amazing women was changed in a way that makes me so proud to be a tiny part of their community.

After the second one was diagnosed a few years back, it hit me quite hard the reality of the prevalence of this disease. Then came the third, and then the fourth. I still struggle a lot with the why of it all, but instead of getting overwhelmed I just focus on what I can do. Make food and just BE there. Her fight is indeed my fight. 💚

It is so prevalent, and seems to be getting more so. Then, however, I'm also reminded of a couple of things - we're all getting older and the screening and awareness is so much better. You are doing exactly what I would do

Make food and just BE there.

IMHO its the least I could do.

Hang in there, Katie. It's also hard on the carers and it's ok to feel it.

Oh my goodness...breast cancer! You are such an angel Katie, helping your friends and taking healthy food to her :) You are not only a coach but an a amazing friend. She sounds like a real trooper with a wonderful attitude. I pray her recovery is quick and without any setbacks. The fact that she is in great shape will help so much in the recovery, she'll be back running with you soon I'm sure!

Thank you my dear friend! That's one of the things I think I enjoy most about being a trainer--I not only get to help people live healthier lives, but I have made the most wonderful friends throughout my career. It's such an intimate relationship in so many ways that you can't help but get close to the people you work with. I have the utmost confidence this lovely lady will make it back on the streets in no time. Crushing her goals, and continuing to inspire others (myself included) along the way!

Nothing can stop a consistent Runner.

Resteemed by @runningproject

...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER

Positive thinking and plans are great for fighting any illness. And so is having supportive friends. You all rock!

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Thanks! A solid mindset makes all the difference in life, right?

The food looks very appetizing!)

Thank you! I think they enjoyed it!

Another heart touching story Katie............I can't even imagine what people go trough while conquering cancer. It takes lots of strength and courage, also having friend like you is priceless. Especially one who brings home cooked vegan food; the best cure for all illness 💚🌿💚

I hope she's the last one for a while! It's been tough to see so many wonderful women get their world rocked by this disease, but as I said they have all shown such strength and poise to work through it. I am truly happy to be able to support with some yummy, wholesome food and friendship.

Thank you so much for all you do for others, here and elsewhere. Very inspiring. Wish the best to any person who has to battle cancer. Hopefully one day soon we'll get cures for all or bans on products that cause them.
Thanks for sharing so many delicious and healthy recipes and for your big heart.

Aww, I'm blessed to have such a big group to share my heart with! I am a big believer in that the more you give the more you get back, as well. I am with you in that I hope we can become much wiser and eliminate a lot of these harmful substances from our daily lives. Treatment for these diseases is great, but it would be even better to prevent them in the first place!

Sending healing vibes to your friend. She is an inspiration.

Your stuffed squash looks delicious. Squash is something I don’t cook very often but this time of year there are fresh ones at the market and I’m going to pick one up to bake.

The vibes are much appreciated! She really is such a gem of a person. I've learned a lot from her in many ways, so I'm happy I can return the favor at times. :)

I hope you find some good squash! We just picked a monster 5-pound one from the garden this week! So good when they are fresh.

That is such a feel-good story of courage and tenacity. I admire you so much for working with these women and helping empower them physically as well as mentally, just by being able to help them, help themselves. Good people, you are.

It goes without saying that your cooking and putting together skills are amazing and I love to see them all! Keep on loving life as you do! You are an inspiration!


There's lots of strong ladies and gents out there dealing with illness each and every day. I suppose it becomes more prevalent as we get older, but still happy to see people approaching it with true grit regardless of the circumstances! It is crazy though how many younger women I am hearing about with this, though. Makes me all the more determined to try to keep myself as healthy as I can, so that my body is ready to take on whatever life throws at me! Plus then I have lots of energy to keep supporting my pals!

You are the best! xo

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This pokes me right in the heart on so many levels, @plantstoplanks! Best of luck with your next race, and keeping your client with the amazeballs attitude in my thoughts.

Much better than poking you in the eye! (Because humor is a big part of healing, too! 😜) I know you are a beacon of light and positive vibes in your own right, so I'm more than happy to spread some more from this lovely gal, too. The more good stuff we put out in this world, the better off we leave it in our wake!

LOL! Yep, having a sense of humor has gone a long way towards keeping the tiny bit of sanity I still have. And thanks so much, Katie - that was such a sweet thing to say, and I'm totally down for spreading more good stuff in the world!

(tagging @nickyhavey too, as he's always happy to see good juju being spread around... 😂 )

Nicky Havey good juju.gif

Hahahaha! I LOVE it! Giggling something fierce at that one!

Hahaha! That's brilliant, I spat my teeth out at that! Juju-tastic

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@plantstoplants - what a great tribute post to this awesome woman and her battle with breast cancer. And what a great friend you are to be so supportive. I love the bracelets and you carrying her with you on your running. The food looks fabulous and I'm sure was much appreciated, as well as you dropping by and chatting. You made very good points about her being strong both mentally and physically will help to overcome all the upcoming battles. Prayers for her and her circle of supporters, including you!

Thanks so much for your kind words! I know we've all experienced it somehow, but I definitely believe we are all stronger together. The good energy abounds the more we share and lift each other up. :)

What an encouraging story for a really ugly situation. I'm sure she more than appreciates everything that you do for her. It's an ugly disease for sure. I do like the idea of a holistic approach to healing (such as fresh home cooked food) along with the modern medicine. Sounds like she's got a pretty good hold on it. I'm sure you'll be running that marathon with her before too long at all!

Gotta make lemonade out of lemons, right? Life hands us all kinds of different situations to deal with, so it's great when we can find the bright side of things even in the darkest moments. She's doing pretty darn well so far, so I can only hope the rest of the process goes just as smoothly! I might need you to come pull me along with your bike for the second half of the marathon, though... ;)

LOL! I've had my eye on a cargo trailer for the bike for trips to the grocery store. This would certainly be another use case! ;)

I read somewhere that breast cancer had increased tremendously, but they didn't say why. In my eyes most women are heroic fighters, but many times their mates fail them.
The reason why we came to live here was at the repeated request of a friend that had aggressive Leukemia and can you believe that her husband also divorced her. She was a hero and after the first chemo treatment participated in the Tour of Light. A cycle ride of over 2000 kilometers between two major cities here, stopping off at every hospital in the small towns in between to visit the cancer patients.

All strength to your friend and she is lucky to have you around my friend.

That is so unfortunate when that happens. Your friend sounds like an amazing woman, as well. As a nice side not to this particular story, this friend of mine shared that her husband sat in the hospital throughout her entire first six hour surgery. A friend of theirs had also gone through treatment a few years back, so knowing how it was to sit waiting for your wife to go through that, this other woman's husband came and sat with him while he waited! So awesome to hear of such support for the supporter. 💚

A brilliant man my friend.
And here's the other side of my story.
In a rare occasion our friend's husband was the first to get Leukemia. He went with her by his side through the entire chemotherapy treatment, then he had a stroke due to the wrong medicine and he also had a stem cell transplant with her constantly at his side. We visited many times and we heard her cries from the toilet after she carried him there.
Well, he recuperated and they got divorced during her treatment.
What a very sad story.

Makes me think of one of my father's phrases he would share in this kind of situation: "I'll never wish ill for someone, only that they get back what they put out in this world."

The Golden Rule my friend.
You had a wise Papa!

I had a co-worker, who worked the whole time during her chemo for brest cancer.
Some people got a superpower to deal with everything.
15000 is a really good count. :)

That's awesome! One of my other clients worked out through most of her chemo. Of course we had to modify a lot based on her energy levels, but for her it gave a sense of normalcy and purpose each day to get out of the house and come in to see me. I think everyone just finds the way that they feel works best for them!

What a motovational story , good Luck tomorrow

Thank you! Ready to put on my bracelet and run my heart out. :)

This gave me goosebumps! This are wonderful bracelets. I'm happy she has you! It takes a lot of energy to be there with someone who battles cancer. Helping her gain that better health is amazing and beautiful. This fills my heart. You are an amazing, AMAZING, woman! 😘

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She's got such a large support system, so it was funny that I was a little hesitant to reach out at first. Once I did and got to go visit, though, I was so glad I did. It really does take a village, and we all have different strength and energy to give! I don't think you can ever have too many people to support you when going through this kind of ordeal.

Oh man where to start? The steps and activity is as awesome as the food. What a long awesome life you will lead.

The real thing I took from the post is not only how inspirational and motivational strong people are in our lives, but your example of inspiring and helping right back.

You kick some serious ass. Never stop

Many thanks Zeke! Every day I am inspired by others, so I can only hope I do my small part to put some of that good energy back out to pay it forward! There's a lot of 💩💩 that goes on out there in the world, but I would much rather focus my energy on the good stuff when I can and keep on my little plant and exercise-filled path. ;)

Cancer is a cruel disease, and in most cases not only with those who suffer from it but also with their families and friends, recently I learned that one of my cousins of only 25 years was diagnosed with leukemia, has been a blow for the family, however we have realized that we are united and we all support, and that is something very important! I loved the bracelets, they are beautiful!

Oh I'm so sorry about your cousin! Always seems so cruel when someone so young is stricken. I'm sure with the strong family support all will come out well! Sending lots of good energy your way!

You have a very good heart and a true friend. I have a cousin who is also going thru treatment for breast cancer. Support from family and friends is very important. A positive mindset and never giving up. I pray for the recovery of your friend.

Sending good energy to your cousin, as well! I'm sure she's glad to have you and the rest of the family to support her along the way. It really does make all the difference in the world.

I'm so proud of your strength and positive energy.
And you're so right in so many areas.
We sometimes take the most simplest things for granted until it hits us hard !

Oh thank you so much! It really does take getting some humbling news sometimes to really see what is important or how much the little things matter!