Running with the Sunrise

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I promised @bingbabe I would go for a run this morning. Though I don't get along with running too well, I can't dispute it's health benefits.


The sun rises late in Lanzarote at this time of year, I timed it at 7.45am this morning so we had at least 30 minutes of pre-dawn sunrise.

There were a few more clouds hanging around and I was expecting something special.


As you can see by the cover shot I got what I was looking for in the end, and didn't manage to bugger up my calf on the 2.7 mile run.


The pace was terrible as both myself and @dismayedworld who is only marginally better at running than me kept stopping.

On our return I figured I would be good at breakfast and stick to the porridge. Stick some sultanas in and it's damn tasty.


The bacon and eggs however pulled me toward them like some kind of pink and orange magnet and I couldn't resist sticking 7 rashers on with 2 sunny side up eggs.

The 'Spanish Bacon' as they call it here looks incredibly greasy and sports some terrible looking colours in the shades of blue and green.


It's a wonder anyone tries it....., however the taste belies it's bad looks. They also have a chef cooking 'Bacon De Inglis', as though we need our own bacon and the local stuff isn't good enough!

I have so far vetoed the 'Bacon De Inglis' as the cook who looks decidedly Spanish appears to purposely burn the meat every day.

I'm sure I spotted a smug look on his mush while he was cooking.. er burning away this morning.

It's 11.42am and I have been scouting around the local area trying to rent a car. It's not easy I tell you as everywhere I go I get the same story.

'Sorry Señor, we have no cars for rent'

You might think it's the slow season but not for cars. After checking in 5 of these rental places I got dibs on a Fiat Panda. Those are the cars that fail to go up hills sometimes due to lack of horsepower.


I'm sure our last 'sunny holiday' destination we had one of these and had to find an alternate route as the stupid car couldn't make it up a hill.

Well enough gripes from me for today. We secured our low-powered car from tomorrow and hopefully we won't need to hitch a lift to get to the local volcano.



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well at least you got out there and tried. No need to be a marathon hero at the start :)

No chance of that, I'm far to unhealthy!

baby steps :)

Ooooo. Thats a lovely sunrise. I am all excited at the thought of it now. The volcano is cool. O am looking forward to doing that again also. Good on you for the run however stoppy starty it was!

We did the volcano last time, but it's so long I can't remember. There's a great beach on the north side of the island too that's good for body surfing. Mine probably can't take the battering anymore though.

It's cloudier today and a solid 19c.

It looks to be 19 for the next week according to my shitey weather app. Boo hiss.

It was years ago that I did the volcano too. Body boarding and the like is out of the picture for me with the little terrors needing almost constant supervision. I am aiming to try for the volcano and the submarine and that will probably be it!

That's a cool pic of the sunrise. Nice that you could all go out running. I've not run much with my family. Hope the car can get you where you want to go. Have fun.

I did vow to go running every morning, though I really don't like it at all. Tomorrow Ill be off that evil bacon and fill the porridge bowl up!

You should eat what you like on holiday. At least you are burning off some calories.

Wow, it sounds like you are keeping busy! It looks like a really beautiful place so far and that is awesome that you were able to get out an do a run. All of my exercising will be taking place indoors for the next three or four months.

It's a volcanic island so there's old hardened lava everywhere. I'm not sure how aware you are of the Canaries in the USA.

All of my exercising will be taking place indoors for the next three or four months.

Yes, I'm taking the opportunity to do some outside exercise while here.

I have heard of them and I know they are named after dogs, but that is about it. :)

Perhaps your running was slow but your pics are amazing!

Thanks, I'm always stopping to take them, there were a lot more than I posted!

Is it cold in Barcelona right now?

Around 8 degrees Celsius this morning...not so cold

8 degrees is what England is getting now, that Gulf Stream does weird things to it sometimes.

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Hey lovely photo's there of the morning sun!! ...Good to see you enjoy a hearty breakfast too!!

That's a great place to run! The warm wind and the setting sun. Simply brilliant!

It was colder than it looked, only the running was keeping us warm!

It was colder than
It looked, only the running
Was keeping us warm!

                 - slobberchops

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

A run's a run, good effort!

I'd stick with bacon and get on the porridge when you get back home - it's much more satisfying when you make it yourself.

It feels ‘bad’ eating bacon everyday somehow.

I blame @goblinknackers for instilling all this information into my head about how pig is bad for us.

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