Where time races take place in Ukraine


I first got acquainted with races in which participants run for a specific time, not a distance in 2019 while participating in the "Ltava Running Race". Since I liked this format of the race then, I decided to write an article in which I collected similar races that take place in Ukraine and have a similar format, namely running for a specific time. It turned out that only 5 races take place in Ukraine for a specific time, the longest of them takes place in Vinnytsia, where participants run for 2 days, and the shortest, running for 1 hour takes place in Poltava and Kryvyi Rih.


  • 48 hour race (race for 48 hours, Vinnitsa)
  • 6 hour race (race for 6 hours, Kharkiv)
  • 24 hour race (race for 24 hours, Kyiv)
  • Ltava Run Racing (race for 1 hour, Poltava)
  • Have time for 60 minutes (race for 1 hour, Poltava)


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