Announcement of races for January

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The month of January has begun, which means that it's time to look at the next races, which will open a new running season.


Until this year, the Ukrainian running community was left without such January starts as "Mad Hare", "Kharkiv New Year Run" and "Friends' Run". But the race organizers did not leave the running community without January starts. And prepared for them two interesting trail races and one road cross.

January 30

  • Winter trail "In Search of Yeti" - a winter trail race to the highest peak of Ukraine - Hoverla
  • Venue: Lazeshchyna, Ukraine
  • Distance: 15 km.
  • Shchedryk Christmas trail
  • Venue: Kremenets, Ukraine
  • Distance: 20 and 10 km.

January 31

  • Christmas race
    • Venue: Kyiv, Ukraine
    • Distance: 13.5 and 4.5 km.

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In Poland, for running fans in January, the following starts are expected:

January 23

  • Winter trail “Zimowy Półmaraton Gór Stołowych”
    • Venue: Gori Stolowy, Poland
    • Distance: 31 and 21 km.
  • Winter trail “Ultramaraton Annogórski”
    • Venue: St. Anne's Mountain, Poland
    • Distance: 50 and 30 km.
  • Lekno Winter Half Marathon
    • Venue: Zanemysl, Poland
    • Distance: 21 and 10 km.

January 30

  • Bieszczadzki Winter Marathon
    • Venue: Tisna, Poland
    • Distance: 43, 20 and 10 km.

January 31

  • RIESE Half Marathon
    • Venue:Gluszyca, Poland
    • Distance: 21 km.

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Egyptian races in January:

January 15

  • Egyptian marathon
    • Venue: Luxor, Egypt
    • Distance: 42, 22, 15 and 5 km.

January 29

  • Cairo Marathon
    • Venue: Cairo, Egypt
    • Distance: 42, 21 and 5 km.


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