Preview of races for February

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Quietly, winter is coming to an end and in a few days, February will replace its predecessor in January. If in January the running community is still dormant, then February is more interesting for the running community.


Among the three months of winter, February is the busiest with interesting trail races in Ukraine. Since such Ukrainian trail series as "Wild" and "Ukrainian Trail League" will start in February. In addition, other very interesting races will also start:

February 06

Kaiserwald Run Cup
- Venue: Lviv, Ukraine
- Distance: 12, 4, and 3 km.

February 07

Wild North Way
- Venue: Kyiv, Ukraine
- Distance: 24 and 12 km.

February 20

Ice Trail
- Venue: Zhovkva, Ukraine
- Distance: 50, 28, and 11 km.
- ITRA: 2

February 27

February trail to Troy
- Venue: Kyiv, Ukraine
- Distance: 12 km.

February 28

Shkariv slides
- Venue: Shkarivka, Ukraine
- Distance: 24 km.
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In Poland, the trail series "Tour De Zbój" will continue in February and the trail series of Krakow "Grand Prix Krakowa" will start, in addition, other very interesting races will also start:

February 06

Winter trail “Górski Zimowy Maraton Ślężański”
- Venue: Sobutka, Poland
- Distance:42 and 23 km.
- ITRA: 2

February 07

Winter trail “Grand Prix Krakow in Biegach Górskich”
- Venue: Krakow, Poland
- Distance: 23, 11, and 5 km.

Winter run “Marceliński Bieg Zimowy”
- Venue: Poznan, Poland
- Distance: 10 km.

February 13

Rudawa winter running festival
- Venue: Negoszowice, Poland
- Distance: 43, 21, and 10 km.
- UTMB: 3

Turbacz Winter Trail
- Venue:Nowy Targ, Poland
- Distance: 47, 21, and 10 km.

February 20

Winter trail “Trójmiejski Ultra Track”
- Venue: Gdańsk, Poland
- Distance: 68, 42, and 21 km.
- UTMB: 3

Gorce Ultra-Trail Zima winter trail
- Venue: Hunter-Gurna, Poland
- Distance: 42, 34, 24 and 10 km.

Winter race “Bieg Górski Leszno-Grzybowo”
- Venue:Leszno, Poland
- Distance:10 km.

February 21

Winter trail “Grand Prix Krakow in Biegach Górskich”
- Venue:Krakow, Poland
- Distance: 23, 11, and 5 km.

February 26

Winter trail “Zimowy Janosik”
- Venue: Nedzica, Poland
- Distance:50, 30, 20 and 10 km.

February 27

Winter race “Bieg po Głębokich Dołach”
- Venue:Ksionzienice, Poland
- Distance: 10 km.
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Egyptian races in February:

February 22

Pyramids Half Marathon
- Venue: Cairo, Egypt
- Distance: 21, 10, and 6 km.


Thank you for reading, I hope you found it interesting.
If you have any thoughts or opinions on this article then I'd love to see your comments.

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