Ruger Mark IV Tactical - Suppressed! Pics and Video

in #shooting4 months ago (edited)

What a great day! I got to visit my new Suppressor in jail at the LGS. I was able to check it out and play with it on-site. I can't believe I waited so long for this.

This is a SilencerCo Switchback on my customized Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Tactical.
A really cool feature of this suppressor is that it can be used in 4 configurations, Short, Med, Full, and a special "extra quiet" rifle mode. (I think by reversing the baffles.). Open pics full size to compare the difference.


I didn't get to give it a full rundown because the range was full all day, but they did give 10 minutes me squeeze off a few rounds and take some video and pics. I didn't even have time to put up a proper target, just made an "X" from masking tape nearby.

Target only about 15 feet, but still not bad for just rapid fire without really aiming. Was just wanting hear/feel the suppressed shots. This was with CCI Mini-mag hollow points (My standard pistol ammo) rated at 1260 fps.I know it's not doing that fast out of the pistol.


I'll do some chrono and decibel testing with various ammo once I get it out of Jail. Maybe in time for Xmas.

Review? I LIKE IT! Can definitely tell the suppressed fire will be addictive. I can't wait to get it home in the yard and do some proper testing!