Meet Japan's 13-Years Old Olympic Skateboarder

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13-Year-old Misugu Okamoto Has Earned

a ticket to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The Teen skateboarder Qualified by
defeating the runner-up by Crushing points

The Schoolgirl Stands only 1.42 metres tall 4ft 6in

Despite her petite size, she looms large as a master of
aerial spins like her 540-degree front flip

With 5 new sports, the 2020 Games will offer the
highest line-up in Olympic history

Skateboarding, baseball, karate, sport climbing and
surfing will all debut at the Tokyo Olympics

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Misugu Okamoto

Looking at the age of this player, it seems that it is to study from its age, but you are watching the talent of it, seeing how much potential it is inside, it looks like this is the player who is ready to go to the Olympics. And there is such a preparation that no one can compete with. With such a good ability at the young age, getting into the Olympics is a matter of great respect. I hope that The players will go very far ahead and earn a big name and the name of their country will also work. More recently, in 2020 Tokyo is going to be Olympic, preparations are going on and it will know that for just 13 years Such talent looks good at age It is a huge achievement in itself.