A Short Clip From Lords Of Dogtown

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Lords of Dogtown was one of those movies that exhibited real skateboarding skill and passion from 2005.

In this short clip, Skip Engblom shared about how they were able to take skateboarding to another level by changing the wheels to Urethane Wheels.

Video Source

In 1970s, Frank Nasworthy recommended polyurethane wheels for skateboarding that was the beginning of the evolution of skateboarding.

Before the recommendation, the wheels were from steel or clay composite (plastic, paper and walnut shells) that would easily wear out around 7 to 8 hours.

When he noticed that kids were trying to skate when they were unable to surf, he tried the polyurethane wheels that allowed better control with speed.

The sport took off when polyurethane roller makers started to manufacture urethane wheels for skateboards after his discovery that was definitely an evolution in skateboarding history.

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My favorite movie ever along with "Street Dreams"!

It was definitely a classic. There may be movies in the past but not all showed real skateboarding skills.

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