Inspiring Pro Skateboarder Without Legs

in skatehive •  3 months ago 

When Italo Romano was 11 years old, he had a train accident that ended with both legs amputated.

Without legs, he was in deep depression but he discovered his new calling in skateboarding that led him out of his misery.

He found new hope when he discovered his potential in skateboarding even without legs.

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He had travelled around the world to compete against other skateboarders.

He managed to win medals in skateboarding tournaments.

His story of how skateboarding had changed his life was indeed inspirational.

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He is a true inspiration my friend and the most amazing thing is that more people with no legs followed his path and picked up skating!
Skateboarding is amazing.

Indeed. People like him is able to lead others along. Skateboarding becomes possible for those without legs when there are many success stories.