Skateboarding At Home

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Most countries are going through lockdown and we are unable to go out.

Many skateboarders were unable to skate freely like the past until the situation improves.

The skateboarder, Daewon Song, tried to show how he was able to skate at home using creative ways.

Video Source

Enjoy his creative ways to skate at home during Covid-19 lockdown.

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  ·  10 days ago (edited)

Hahah good old Daewon! That’s awesome, the guy is incredible as always.

Holy shit @knowhow92 did you see the 360 flip crook lol

Yeah man, Daewoon is a god damn legend. One of my personal favorite along with Mark Johnson and Hearth Kirchart!
He is 45 and he is still killing it like he is 15!
So creative! I also loved the toilet paper slides! Hahahha

Lmao yeah the toilet paper ones killed me. Damn I didn't realize he was 45, I'm getting old LOL I watched him in my early teenage years!

He is so creative and crazy about skateboarding. Covid-19 does not stop him from skateboarding. 🤣