Skateboarding For Autism

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Skateboarding has become a popular sport around the world.

Unlike the past, skateboarding may not be recognised as a sport in my country but more parents are willing to let their children take up skateboarding courses.

Isabella took up skateboarding with an extremely positive attitude.

Video Source

She had her skateboarding lesson at the Ambler Skateboard Academy.

She enjoyed performing tricks on the skateboard.

She had participated in a programme called ‘Get On Board’ that provided free skateboarding lesson for kids with special needs.

The programme aims to use skateboarding to improve the motor skills as well as social interaction that can build the self-esteem of kids with special needs.

Skateboarding is not simply a sport but a vehicle to help special needs children.

Read more about the programme if you are interested from their website.

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That was amazing. She looked so happy after the lesson.
Glad to find out that there are organizations like "Getonboard".
It's trully inspiring

Yes. It is inspiring. Everyone should be given an opportunity in life including special needs. My younger son was diagnosed with Autism too so I would also hope he gets all the opportunities like other children. This skateboarding programme is really inspiring. Maybe your next contest can think about how skateboarding have helped the society. Let the skatehive members go and hunt down all the good deeds that people had done using skateboarding as a vehicle.😁

Man that sounds such an interesting contest!
A SkateHunt! hehehe.
I also love the idea of giving an 100% Sports Upvote to our contest winners though for now we just share a prize pool so everyone can win something!
Maybe we could highlight our favorite contest entry and reward it with some more Hive and your upvote at this contest's results!

Sure! Let me know then. I am willing to support your future contest.