The Young Talented Skateboarders

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Zion Effs has travelled around United States for various skateboarding competitions.

He had won many of them and he had displayed such incredible skill from a young kid that no one could miss out.

From the age of 3 years old, he had exhibited strong passion in skateboarding and he learnt very quickly.

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He is a great influence to his younger brother, Jax, that is passionate about skateboarding too.

We can see how proud his father was when he shared about the skateboarding talent of both his sons.

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Man both these 2 kids are gonna be pros one day. The most important thing in my opinion is their father's attittude. He supports them 100% and there is nothing more important than that! Most parents don't like skateboarding and that makes it hard for kids to chase their dreams.
Be free!

You are right. Supportive parents can make a great difference.