Last Line of November Challenge

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Hello to everyone!!!

Welcome to the last post of November..

...and this mean only one thing....

November Challenge is over,


Landed TricksNon-landing Tricks
Bs Bigspin
Fs Bigspin
Fs 180 50-50 grind
Fakie Flip
Bs Crooked
Fakie Fs Flip
Double Varial Flip
Fakie 50-50 grind
Halfcab Double Flip
Sw Ollie
Sw Fs Shuv
Sw Bs Shuv
Sw Fs 180
Nolllie Bs 180

On following video you can check it my last line with tricks for my 1st Challenge.


Stay tuned because tommorow I will upload a short video with all landed tricks from this Challenge! (M.C. #2)

Special thanks to those who helped me in this challenge.

@tomig and Deppie (for their filming),
@knowhow92(for his knowledge about some tricks)

Do not forget that you can write in the comments some tricks for my December Challenge.

Thanks for your support !


Yeah broo nice tricks! Also this filming is the best i ve ever seen😂😂😂

Thank you bro!!

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