Longboard Race! Birds Hill Bomb 7 - Redemption Raw Run

in #skatehivelast month

This is the Redemption round finals for racers who were eliminated from the first round. Tanner in the black, is a first timer at the race, while Alex in the red is back for his third time. I'm following with my Sony 4k action camera on a scorpion mount, while on my Unlimited electric board.

More to come once I go through all the BHB7 footage!


Sweet run guys and great spot! It must feel nice to ride in nature!
Hey Daryl, please share your posts in the community if you can bro so we can drive some more traffic in Skatehive!

yeah it doesn't seem like I am doing much on my own, so maybe I'll just do that till I get more longboarders to make the longboard Hive it's own thing.