Remembering images of my first ollies. SKATEHIVE.

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primeros ollies.jpg

Hello friends of the hive community, today I am going to share two photos that are approximately 8 years old, it has been a long time, they were in a memory of a phone that I had for years and I did not know they were saved.

Images doing everything a skater learns since he enters this beautiful world that is skateboarding, I can still remember how much it cost me to learn the ollie and I really enjoy it a lot, I always enjoy everything I do, be it hits, falls, tricks. new lines, breaking boards, because that's what this sport is about, no skater is going to be able to save himself from any of those things that I just named, and well how good to be able to share them with you, not many people have pictures of when they started skating, thanks for reading friends.

ollie mon.jpg



Ah I remember those days! I remember the first time I got brave enough to Ollie over a board that was laying on its side. Fun times!

The first steps we take in the world of skateboarding are unforgettable brother.

They are for sure! Even as an older person, you never forget some of your favorite moments when skating! So many great memories!

I still remember my first Ollie and Kickflip too! Unforgettable times!
Thanks for reminding me these days Ramon!