Beatiful Tricks - Skateboarding 2021 (compilation)

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I have found an excellent compilation of the fanciest of footwork in skateboarding that you can enjoy time and time again.

There is truly something magical about the movement of a skateboard in freestyle flatland skateboarding.

I spent years of my childhood dreaming about being a famous skateboarder and being able to do amazing tricks.

My teenage years rolled around and I was only half capable of what I once dreamed and I began to have more realistic realizations about what my skillsets could achieve in the skateboarding industry.

I began creating skateboarding art and selling sharpie drawn skateboards in the local skateshop.

While that was many years ago I think back on it and let it serve as an inspiration to my works that do not sell or seem to serve a purpose other than a stepping stone of passionate expression.

I still sell boards and clothing with various other accessories you can find online in production printing shops.

I am able to do this after learning graphic design and using the Adobe Illustrator program to make vectorized graphics.

I make all kinds of stuff including logos, flyers, ads, business cards, banners, labels, clothing, skateboard, home, vehicle and accessories for myself and others.

Here are a few of my boards for sale

In my free time I will often times just sit back and watch skate videos and content while drinking beer or smoking.

I consider skateboarding to be a form of art that is to be revered and I really love the progression of style and trick complexity.

Watching the videos really inspires me to want to get out and practice myself and get that progress.

I need to get some better shoes to actually skate how I like to without damaging my feet because of the massive holes in my skate shoes.

I just got a new job so it shouldnt be too much longer before I can manage to get some shoes but it would be much faster if someone hired me to do some graphic design work for them or bought some of my products(just being hopeful).

Check out these shoes that I designed in my shop!


Until then I will be sharing some others content that I hope you all will enjoy!

I also use cryptotab browser and presearch to monetize my search time.


Here's a vote because it's skatehive content! Awesome job man.

hey thanks bro XD I will be making some more posts really soon for the skatehive so stay tuned

Thanks for supporting it man!

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Some awesome stuff here man. I grew up with a friend that ended up designing boards. I don't remember the names from some of the brands he designed for but he did some cool stuff. He had a lot of zombies and that type of stuff in his designs. The logo and artwork on a brand new deck was some of the coolest stuff. It's too bad it got scraped away after a while!

Hey thanks so much! I have been wanting to pitch skatehive to some local crews for awhile so I am going to try and make some marketing content to help secure the platform conversion. I know some people who are always creating great skateboarding content and it would be cool to see them get on the blockchain. Skate and create was always meant to be skate and destroy in the end I mean its what we do!

That's awesome dude! I would love to get more people on here. Threespeak and DTube are good ways to upload videos although DTube you need resources to do it where 3speak is tied to your Hive resources if I'm not mistaken.

If you do end up getting some people interested, use the referral link for myself or @knowhow92 and we can keep an eye on them and help them out! Having them post in the Skate Hive community is also an easy way to do that but it's nice to have it condensed into the referral section.

If people keep eyes on things like Bitcoin, pitching a social blockchain to them where they can get rewarded is some good enticement!

Yay! 🤗
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