2019–20 FIS Alpine Ski World Cup - Alpine Combined

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Yesterday I had the pleasure to watch the 2019 - 2020 FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, women Alpine Combined that took place in a ski paradise called Altenmarkt Zauchensee, Austria. The last Alpine Combined competition should have taken place on the 22 December 2019 at Val d'Isère, France but the Downhill competition was canceled the day before due to heavy snowfall and rescheduled to 22 December. I remember I wanted to watch it but had no chance.

Federica Brignone

It was a very interesting and eventful competition with a lot of surprises. The more I watch alpine ski the more I realize every slope has some sports that look and feel like banana peals. This one had one too and that was the end of the race for so many good skiers.

At first when I saw the first skier fall I thought she made a mistake or wasn't paying attention and that's why she fell. When the second skier fell at the same gate I started to have doubts. Then I knew that's a very difficult gate and the results have confirmed that. 16 of the skiers did not finish first run. Some of them fell, others just made a mistake and could not finish.

Petra Vlhova, the Slovakian skier lost one ski and fell. Fortunately she knew how to fall and didn't get hurt. She wasn't the only one losing a ski.


This is the top 10 and to my joy three Italian skiers are on this list. Sofia Goggia did not finish first run due to a mistake she made. There were two Italian sisters competing, Nicol and Nadia Delago. This is highly unusual, I've only seen two brothers competing in snowboarding but those were twins. These Italian ladies are not twins, there's roughly an one year age gap between the two sisters.

There's an interesting thing at these ski events. There's a chair for the best. If you have the best time, you get to stay in that chair till someone else gets a better time. Then you have to go as there's a new "winner". It's interesting and also nerve racking to watch the others get a better result.

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