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RE: Never Laugh At A Slapper

in #slappinglast year (edited)

this is a wonderful sport. When i first saw it online a year or so ago i just presumed it was just something strange that Eastern Europeans do to get out of the snow. However, now i see that it is a real organization with real prizes and celebrities.

While i would never compete, i do love the idea. haha


I quite like it and find it funny when the one guy slaps his opponent and he doesn't drop and you see the guy getting nervous as he knows he is about to get whacked back. We used to play chicken when you put your hands together and slap each others hands, but never one for one on the face. It has a big movement now and "dumpling is a celebrity" lol.

You might like this one as well.

lol, seen that one already and yes, it is a winner for sure.